Get in Gear: Three Weeks Away

NOTE: The below is an archive of an email sent out before our free year-end training series called “Get in Gear for the New Year.” Due to popular demand, we’ve made this email-based course available to you ANYTIME if you don’t want to wait ’til our next free offering (December 21st). Ready to Get in Gear NOW? Start here!

This is just a reminder that we’ll start jamming daily on December 21st (that’s just three weeks away), as we blast through this exciting year-end training series in which access to the Self-Management for Actors principles will be delivered right to your inbox, daily, for the last 11 days of 2016!

I’m super excited to spend this time with you! Helping you launch 2017 with your tools and mindset in great shape is something about which I am passionate, and it’s never been easier to get in gear, thanks to this revolutionary FREE training series!

The best way to prep yourself today is to make sure these emails are whitelisted in your inbox (you won’t want to miss a thing), create a folder on your computer (or an old-school notebook) for your daily bursts of inspiration and action items, make a list of your *specific* goals for the new year, and get your fellow ninjas excited to support you and to join in on this free training!

See, because that community support is one of the major keys to success in this phenomenal series!

So, I want you to tweet this RIGHT NOW:ย 

(just click it and it’ll tweet right out). Because being connected with your fellow ninjas *will* make a huge difference as you experience this up-leveling.

Stay Focused

After you hit that tweet, we’ll get you followed over at the official SMFAninjas Twitter account so you can follow one another with one quick visit to this link.

Woo hoo!

If you missed this bit of badassery from last year, check out how we celebrated some ninjas who are already killin’ it, brand-style, in their “about me” area of Twitter.

Your social media is a great space to try out your logline, your brand umbrella, your WHY as an artist and storyteller! Whatchoo got? Are you inspiring and totally on-brand already? Share your goodies with us! Comments are open below.

I want to see y’all supporting one another not just during those last 11 days of the year, but leading up ’til then and long after 2017 begins, of course.

Oh, I mentioned above that I want you to make a list of your goals. Lemme get specific. There are things you don’t control and things you do.

You don’t control: “I’m gonna book a national,” or “I’m gonna sign with my dream agent,” or “I’m gonna land a role in a studio feature film.”

You DO control: “I’m gonna get in front of someone who casts national commercials and book the room,” and “I’m gonna get my materials in front of an agent that my targeting homework showed might be a good fit,” and “I’m gonna get out there to events that allow me to connect with buyers who cast at the studio level.”

See the difference? Get really clear in your goal-setting for 2017. Don’t set yourself up for failure by making *all* of your goals ones that are not in your hands to move forward. The miraculous thing is, by focusing on what you DO control, those things you don’t control start lining up in ways they never could, when you were focused on them by mistake.

Finally, I’ve been asked about how best to prep for this year-end bit of badassery for those of you who are traveling. Take with you: your copy of the 4th edition (third printing) of Self-Management for Actors (you may wanna reference some concepts I mention), a notebook if you’re a hard-copy note-taker, your show bible if it doesn’t already travel with you on your gadget or laptop at all times, your log-in info for all the actor sites you visit daily (because you’ll be upping the game at your online profiles with this program), and your willingness to help build a better Hollywood (wherever you live) by your enthusiasm for “yes, and…”-ing one another’s successes (which we can constantly celebrate in our SMFA ninjas Facebook group and at Twitter with the #SMFANinjas hashtag, of course).

I am so freakin’ thrilled to help you elevate your game while everyone else is relaxing, taking a break, and waiting ’til January 1st to get going on some tired list of unattainable resolutions! Not you, ninja! You’ll have so much momentum flowing *before* the ball drops to end 2016 that you’ll be poised to leap to the next tier, wherever you live.

Hooray! Thrilled to be on this journey with you! (And ridiculously, over-the-moon, super-duper excited to jam in-depth with those of you who’ve taken advantage of our coaching BONUS by enrolling early for our totally new 100-day challenge program, Get in Gear for the Next Tier! Holy cow, this is the most excited I’ve been about a new offering probably *ever*. Because letting y’all in on my VAULT?!? THAT has never happened and the goods are sooooooooooo delicious there! Haven’t enrolled yet and snagged your coaching bonus? There’s still time!)

If you have any questions, comments are open below. I love hearing from you as you navigate your way through the creative career of your dreams!

All right, beautiful, ’til the next BonBlast, hold tight and keep telling your friends to join in this FREE training series right here. The more the merrier! No more excuses! We can get you up-leveled in JUST 11 days, but you’ve gotta commit to it! Get ready for a great start to 2017, with your tools and mindset in ninja shape, starting with your first email arriving December 21st! ๐Ÿ™‚

Dayum… are you as excited as I am? I wanna start NOW! Ah, patience, patience… there’s still more creating to do!

Much love,

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. Wanna work with Bon? Start here. Thanks!

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