The Dr. Dre Rule of Actor Reel Footage

Bonnie talks about Dr. Dre’s attitude about creating new (and better) content, actor demo reel footage, and tools called The Asshole Filter and The Asshole Tax for creative entrepreneurs.

#SMFAninjas free quarterly Tune-Up call!

It’s a whole big-ass SMFA Tune-Up call! An amazing look at the free quarterly call from Facebook Live. Sign up for the next free call here now!

The Power of your Acting ResumΓ©

Simple, effective Self-Management for Actors tools for making your resumΓ© its best.

Time Management for Creative Entrepreneurs: Don’t Flatten Your Tires!

Don’t turn a slight failure into a spin-out, Pressfield’s urgent vs. important, and the DND feature on your iPhone.

Self-Management for Actors: The Power of Our Self-Talk!

A lesson on more powerful self-talk from “Psychology Today” and giving up negative self-talk for Lent, whether you’re into religion or not!

Cricket Feet Showcase: Self-Management for Actors Coaching

BonnieΒ walking showcasers through prep for their agent meetings, networking, Brandprov, loglines, marketing tools, and other SMFA principles with crazy precision.

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