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Self-Management for Actors is an amazing book filled with resources galore. But sometimes you need a check-in for your ninja action. That’s where the SMFA Tune-Ups come in. In this annual membership, you receive ongoing mentorship to keep you focused on the next tier.

You are amazing. I have been talking to literally every actor I meet about what you’re teaching as I’m finding it so useful, scary, liberating, challenging, and thorough. — Lucy Russell, London

SMFA All-Access: Bonnie Gillespie’s Review of Rosalie Tenseth’s Website

This is a behind-the-scenes peek into the type of “tools tune-up” work Bon offers as a part of your membership in the All-Access program. Even if it’s not YOUR material being reviewed, you’re learning, you’re growing, you’re strengthening your business muscles for supporting your creative career.

With your annual subscription at the ALL-ACCESS level, you’ll join us for monthly small group phone calls (at 2:30pm Pacific on the 11th of every month); receive the MP3 recording of the calls (even if you weren’t able to participate live); get priority placement in the queue for Q&A on the larger quarterly calls (also with those MP3 recordings); enjoy exclusive access to our private members-only discussions; nominate your materials for the SMFA All-Access Materials Review process; *and* get private one-on-one tune-up calls with Bon FOUR times a year to be sure your ninjosity is at its badassiest.

Motha EFFIN Bonnie Gillespie, y’all!!! If she can’t get you pumped about just about anything, no one can!! I just had a session and I feel like I went TO CHURCH. — Sarah Young, Los Angeles

A private tune-up? Yup. Four of ’em a year! It’s basically your own little private coaching session, one-on-one with Bon, recorded live (and you get that recording too, so you can stay inspired between sessions). Wow! This is the good stuff!

At a ridiculous discount over what each of these elements would be otherwise, this annual mentorship offering is a great way to stay plugged in and on-target with your specific goals all year long!

Praise for SMFA Tune-Ups: All-Access

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