Over at our awesome Chart Harmony Discord, I get asked questions. Recently, one of ’em was about when to sign a contract for new health insurance coverage. (I know! Specific!) So…

Here’s my mix o’ components to consider for a great contract-signing:

IN GENERAL, I would look at the planetary day of the week, the numerology of the day, and the sign/phase the Moon is in. Those factors = enough to come up with good timing without too much hard work.

For health + insurance + contracts:

PLANETARY DAY — Look to sign your health insurance contract on a Sunday (ruled by the Sun, for vitality and health), Tuesday (ruled by Mars, for taking action), Wednesday (ruled by Mercury, for communication), or Saturday (ruled by Saturn, for contracts and longevity). Saturday is my preference.

NUMEROLOGY — Ideal for signing a health insurance contract would be a day with the numerology of 1 (new beginnings), 4 (hard work), 6 (home, healing, repair), and 9 (simplicity, no fluff). A day with 6 numerology is my preference.

MOON SIGN — When you’re doing the business of finalizing your health insurance contract, look for a time when the Moon is in Taurus (nice and practical), Cancer (home-focused and intuitive), Leo (heart-centered vitality), Virgo (a healer that’s gonna catch all the details), *maybe* Scorpio (the Moon doesn’t do so well in Scorpio, so look to other factors for support), and *maybe* Capricorn (the Moon doesn’t do so well in Capricorn, but it’s a great sign for contracts that last). A day when the Moon is in Taurus is probably the way I’d go with this.

MOON PHASE — For signing a health insurance contract, I’d look for a New Moon (planting seeds), Gibbous Moon (growing in light, nice and strong), Disseminating Moon (losing light but still powerful), or Last-Quarter Moon (another strong but dimming option). If I’m the one doing this contract, I’d look for a Gibbous Moon, ideally.

AVOID ALWAYS — Okay, “always” may be dramatic, but ideally, you want to avoid signing contracts during an eclipse, while Mercury is retrograde, and anytime there’s a super-long void moon.

We’re looking at BONUS POINTS territory when we begin to consider PLANETARY HOUR as well. Certainly, signing a health insurance contract during hours ruled by Mercury, the Sun, or Saturn would be a great cherry on top of all the other factors you’re working to line up, here!

So… with that, I would look for the next Saturday that’s a 6 day numerologically under a Taurus or Cancer Gibbous Moon and do the signing of that health insurance contract during Mercury hour.

Obvi, that specific combo might take a while to show up for us, right? 😉

So, here are some shortcuts you may prefer to all that figure-out-ing: There’s a fabulous MOON CALENDAR at Astro-Seek that says NO! or YES about surgery based on the shape the Moon is in. That would be a good list to look at if you don’t want to do all the math of my method. If it’s a good day for surgery, you can expect that it is a good health day IN GENERAL.

Since it’s insurance, you definitely want Saturn in good shape. Taurus and Capricorn are both great with contracts. You’re starting to see the themes, right?

As for aspects to your OWN chart, you want to avoid any members of your Life-Car (natal ASC, Sun, Moon; scroll down to see a vid-walk-thru) being in a hard angle (opposition, square, or conjunction) to the malefics (Mars or Saturn) or outers (Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto). While we’re at it, we could toss Chiron in there too. Again, this is because of the HEALTH component.

Got all that? 😉

Finally, remember that we move through life without doing all this math ALL THE TIME and everything works out (mostly) fine. Trust yourself to do a good enough job of staying away from BAD woo weather that you can easily see via my words on the Aligned Hustle Calendar 💫🗓 and feel free to run the final couple o’ choices by me in our private Live Your Chart membership space if you’d like backup. But ultimately, TRUST YOURSELF to do a “good enough” job of this. Your knowing-soul knows!!

Much love,

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