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It's... the first ever Bonnie Gillespie mailing list blast!

Wow! Seems strange that in a zillion years of Internet-loving, I've never compiled an official mailing list. Well, thank you for being a part of my first. After this here welcome message, you'll get regular (er, monthly-ish?) emails from me with a tip, a share, a mailing list exclusive, original artwork by the amazing Chari Pere, and some (hopefully exciting) news. Woo hoo!

Bonnie Gillespie by Chari Pere

  Are You Really Happy?

Here's how you know. You're driving around. You're in traffic. Not "crazy, pulling-my-hair-out nonsense" traffic. Just... traffic. Look around. Are the drivers around you smiling? Are they singing along with some favorite song? Are they enjoying the beautiful day and just being? Or are they pissed? Stern? Is their resting "face" a scowl rather than a smile? Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's them, not you. So who cares, right? Well... after you've studied the faces of thousands of fellow drivers, you may start to wonder what shapes your lovely punam is making, when you're not thinking about it. Check yourself. What's your resting face? What can you learn about yourself based on the number of times you remind yourself it's not that serious... it's just traffic?           SMILE. It's a great start!

SMFA Seminars
For info about ongoing Self-Management for Actors Seminars in Los Angeles; SMFA Seminars in Chicago, New York, and Toronto; or online classes for hyphenates of all kinds, you must add yourself to a separate mailing list. Please fill out this simple form to be sure you get all the updates! Yippee!

The War of Art
I've become evangelical about The War of Art, Steven Pressfield's amazing block-busting guide. No, it's not new, but it plopped into my life just when I needed it (Thank you, Helenna!) and I'm not alone in my love for it. Ready to be DDA (done dickin' around)? Read this book!

Bonnie Gillespie by Chari Pere
Sonja Norwood and Bonnie Gillespie
Levi's Film Workshops