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Check It... or Maybe Not.

While working on a major project (say, the new edition of Self-Management for Actors and its accompanying app), I limit myself to one check of email and social networking sites or apps per hour (longer stretches at times). What would count as an "e-diet" for you? Clock it. Set a timer and see how long you go between e-checks of any kind. Let Rescue Time help you sort it out. Then police yourself. You'll be amazed how much more productive you can be!

Image by Chari Pere
Don't Blame Hollywood!

Folks love to blame Hollywood for lack of creativity. Just watch the mash-up of the trailers for No Strings Attached and Friends With Benefits (vid button, above) for proof of how idea-starved we appear to the world. But anyone with a Facebook account has now seen dozens of variations on the Shit ___ Say model, after the first few iterations went viral. Hey, it's easy to spot brilliance (or something that's clicking with an audience) and want to hop on that trend. The ninja move is improving upon a concept, as you make it your own.

Oh, and I'd like to use this space to shout a special thanks to Amber Plaster for contributing to The Actors Voice: POV, with a great piece on how IMDb StarMeter doesn't matter. Check it out: HERE.

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Felteeee from Tara Jayn

My friend (and webseries producing partner) Tara Jayn makes super-cute items out of felt. Bento box purse? Chocolate box of magnets? This Pop Tart iPhone case? Crazy cute! Visit her store here.

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