I'll never forget the moment I first felt "the catch" that would lead to hospitalization, more than 3 months' bedrest, and a full 18 months of deep diving into an exploration of the mind-body healing process and the power of the human brain and spirit.

I was warming up in pole class on December 26, 2017, doing an open leg stretch, and I felt "a catch" in my right hip and thought, "Hmm. This feels like an upper-limit problem."

I actually thought that a physical THING was that "other shoe" that, for months, I'd been fearing would drop. Because in the time leading up to this moment, I had gotten sober, become a sexy little hard-body nearing high school weight, and crossed a financial benchmark with our company that had me pinching myself daily.

And somewhere, whispering to me, there was this voice going, "Watch your back. It can't be this good in this many areas of life for this long without some kind of catch."

Check that language. "Watch your back." "Some kind of catch." Whoa.

Expansive Capacity is the result of my ability to synthesize into curriculum the months I spent reaching far within, collaborating with experts from all over the world, and going deep with this healing work as if it were my full-time job. I knew, early on, "This isn't just for me."

See, our brains are BUSY places. So sometimes our bodies must play a role in getting our attention. That's what happened with me. This is alsoby the waywhat happens with many undiagnosable "mystery illnesses," unexpected physical maladies, chronic fatigue that we can't seem to shake, addictive habits we can't seem to kick, and so on. Our bodies will speak to us in ways that are culturally accepted (pain, cravings, exhaustion) when all we need to do is start listening SOONER in order to begin to understand the dialogue that's *trying* to take place.

While the mind-body healing journey I've been on has taught me more about myself than I ever expected to learnand LOVEit also revealed to me the myriad ways I navigate life fluidly and intuitively. Ways I can now share here! Because our healthespecially as we enter those higher tiers we've spent so much of our lives aspiring to reachis managed. Our relationships are managed. Our growth is managed. Our abundance is managed. Our enoughness is managed.

The upper-tier work is NOW. Because there's no *getting* there (much less *staying* there) if we expect the muscles to show up for us without doing any practice right now.

So, here we are.

Expansive Capacity.

We have all the room in the world to accept, know we deserve, fully enjoy, and bask in all the riches this life has laid out for us. The only thing that stops us, snags us, gets in our way is the lack of MINDFUL work in laying this foundation. The lack of CONSISTENT readying for what's coming next. Better self-talk. Faster switching away from the negative paths we sometimes take. Learning to trust that there *is* no other shoe that's gonna drop. There is no CATCH unless our beliefs dictate that there is. Shifting our beliefs to allow us to receive all the bountiful gifts that DO exist for us all in this life is the work. This is the work.

It's SAFE to be successful.
It's highly unlikely that we grew up having convos about how to succeed. How to be happy. How to feel safe when we've moved beyond our family's story for what is possible. THIS is where we do just that! We use the nuts-and-bolts of Self-Management for Actors, do a little evolutionary brain rewiring, and a dash of woo-woo from Bonnie Gillespie... so the next tier no longer feels foreign.

*Application required; choose "pay now"
if your application has been approved.

Monthly Masterminding

Each month, we will work on a particular theme or topic or block. Each month, there will be prompts with instructions for deep work that has the potential to unlock pockets of growth in many areas.

Each month, we will host a live interactive meeting for discussion about the work we're doing and of course to answer any questions you have. And throughout the month, we'll be jamming in the private course pages at the dojo to truly uplevel our work together.

Here are just a few of the monthly topics we've tackled so far. It's always framed in the phrase "Your Relationship with..." because no topic exists outside of our relationship to it.

Until we clean up our family's money story, it remains ours. Blocks and all.
It's not about letting others off the hook; it's about removing the hook from our own hearts and moving on.
Most of the disappointments we feel have nothing to do with OUR desires. This is where we transform the impact of others' expectations.
...Your Body
This space is home. It is time to treat it like the palace that it is. No more using it as a scorecard for pain.
If success doesn't feel at home in our lives, we can't expect it to stick around when it shows up. This is conditioning for the next tier.
Romantic, business, or otherwise, our relationship with partners requires a healthy relationship first with ourselves.

*Application required; choose "pay now"
if your application has been approved.


When can I begin?

We kick off each month's new topic on the 1st of the month. There is a 5-day orientation period required before you join us in the dojo for the deep dive on your first month's topic with us. Therefore, we recommend that you apply—and join—at least 5 days prior to the end of the month before! That way, you can start up on the 1st along with everyone else.

What does orientation entail?
Because we use a variety of tools to *do* each month's deep dive, we want you familiar with them so you can jump right in with us on the work itself! So each day's orientation is a mini-course in the use of tools from The Four Tendencies, Fascinate, Abraham-Hicks, numerology, EFT "tapping," astrology, love languages, Myers-Briggs, money mindset, and the energetic hygiene triangle, to name a few. We will provide you with the
Aligned Hustle Calendar and tutorials on how to use it each month. This 5-day experience will ensure you have a foundation that allows for a solid start with us in the monthly exploration.

What should I expect?
After the 5-day orientation period, you'll join us in the monthly course page at the dojo (unless it's not yet the 1st of the month; in which case you'll be invited in at midnight pacific on the 1st via email). There will be a deep dive exploration of "Your Relationship with... [the topic of the month]" waiting for you on that page. There will be journal prompts, thinking points, possibly some viewing and listening and outside reading. There will be a very active comments area in which you're encouraged to "work out" with your fellow masterminders. We will gather together for a live Zoom meeting (approximately 90 minutes in length, but sometimes longer) to bust through blocks using these mind-body healing tools. The replay will be available for you within a few hours of the live meeting itself. We will continue to engage in the comments on the course page for the rest of the month!

Why is an application required?
Because this is a deep-dive mind-body enoughness mastermind, our convos are often raw, intimate and vulnerable, and we are best equipped to guide you to find your inner strength with regard to each of the issues we tackle when we know where you're already strong. If you're a "questioner," we're going to be sure you understand the why behind the what. If you're a "catalyst," we'll have advice about how to blend your passion and innovation to make the most impact. And if you're born a "4," we'll help you ease the stress about always having to work so hard (since you'll even work at relaxing... it's what you were born to do). Many folks tell us the application process itself is incredibly revealing. So... consider it a way of starting the work before you've even officially enrolled.

Why are y'all so awesome?
Hey, Bon just wants to leave Hollywood better than she found it. That means helping blocked artists get out of their own freakin' way, helping just-on-the-brink-of-greatness folks make that big leap, and creating things that bring more joy to the journey for EVERYONE (including herself). The whole team is here for you throughout your membership. YOU are so awesome and that's why you've found us. Now... let's DO this!


Want a little more detail about how this whole thing works? Great! Here's a vid in which I share details to help you decide if this mind-body enoughness mastermind is the right fit for you!

Any questions? Reach out!

NOTE: You heard the terms "Woo-Woo Wednesday" and "Superpower Sunday" in both vids. These two elements of the Expansive Capacity membership have been sundowned. (Just in case those two emails per month were crucial in your decision to join us for this transformative work, we want you to know they no longer exist.)

Rebuilding from within so that our creative journey can be a life with less struggle is no small task. More than anything else, it takes a sometimes uncomfortable level of self-awareness, a commitment to keep showing up for the work even when it's confronting or triggering or just plain boring, and a level of self-love most never allow themselves.

Being on your own side is one of the boldest, most terrifying things you'll ever do. It's also addictive, contagious, and beautifully freeing on every level that's ever held you back… if you're willing to really go there.

This mind-body mastermind is a deep study in fortifying and maintaining "enoughness" (Bonnie Gillespie) as we bust through the blocks that are collectively "resistance" (Steven Pressfield) and "upper-limit problems" (Gay Hendricks).

*Application required; choose "pay now"
if your application has been approved.

The information provided as a part of your Expansive Capacity membership is intended to educate and inspire you as you find joy in your creative journey using Bonnie Gillespie's enoughness principles. Confidentiality is expected out of respect for all participants. Nothing we provide is intended to replace care that is better received from qualified professionals in the medical and psychiatric fields. Expansive Capacity is not a substitute for a medical or clinical diagnosis or treatment. You are expected to know when your needs expand beyond *our* capacity as your facilitators. ;)
About Bonnie (she/her)

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. As a weekly columnist, she began demystifying the casting process for actors in 1999. Her most popular book is Self-Management for Actors, the curriculum upon which much of her teaching is based. As a producer and Emmy-honored casting director, Bonnie specializes in indie darlings. Whether casting, coaching, or putting the WOO in Hollywood via Chart Harmony, she is passionate about leaving this world better than she found it. Bonnie lives by the beach on unceded ancestral Tongva land with her partner, Keith Johnson, the luckiest man in the world.

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