Have you ever wondered why it is that you do that thing you can't help but do? Why you say things that you've told yourself not to say (or you've held your tongue when you've promised next time you'll speak up)? Have you noticed you keep attracting the same kinds of people or similar "lessons" in life... and you wonder why the heck you can't just get those dang lessons LEARNED and move on?

Blocks, blessings we were born with, patterns in our personal year... these are all things that begin to *click* when we look into what's going on away from this particular planet we occupy. If you're "woo curious," you're in the right place. I'm Bonnie Gillespie and I have a unique way of blending pragmatic storytelling with the new age tools I learned from my mother, the astrologer.

"I *finally* understand my chart," "This is so straightforward. I never really got this and now I am so empowered... and curious to learn more," and "OMG, woman! You are GOOOOD," are some of the comments that have come in since I started sharing more of my goodies as The Astrologer's Daughter.

Ready to get to know yourself at a whole new level, lean into your hidden strengths, and have way more fun in your creative journey? My FREE astrology and numerology basics are available for you now! When you're ready to begin, fill out this form. It's time to learn what your birthday says about YOU!

What Your Birthday Says About You!

Enjoy my FREE video training series, complete with a badass PDF workbook filled with easy-to-follow guides to the basics of astrology and numerology, and a private discussion area so you can ask clarifying questions as you move through the vids!

As I walk you through each of the main areas in "big astro," you'll begin to understand why it's all so much more than *just* the sign the sun was in at your birth. What I'll show you will explain why your horoscope is sometimes OFF, and why some of those fun astro memes just do NOT describe you at all.

There is soooooo much more to what our birthdays say about us than that... but because it's pretty intricate stuff, it can also easily be overwhelming.

Because I learned all of this along with my mother in the late 1970s, it's simplified in ways that will FINALLY make sense, even though we're going pretty deep with some of it. Such a great balance! (Of course, with all the Libra in my chart, you'd better believe I'm all about the balance!)

What might be all over YOUR chart that's not actually your sun sign? Maybe you've been reading the wrong horoscope all along! Get ready for it to all *click* in ways like never before, allowing you to finally get an edge you've been seeking... in your love life, your financial life, your health, and everything in between! Ready to join me in the dojo for this FREE training?


I laughed. I cry-laughed. I said, "Oh man, wish I had read that part last week." Wow!
— Taurus Sun, Virgo Rising, Libra Moon
I think you now know me better than I know myself... and for that, I apologize.
— Capricorn Sun, Libra Rising, Sag Moon
I'm so uplifted! Thank you for helping me see my own worth more clearly in this life.
— Virgo Sun, Aries Rising, Leo Moon
Bonnie, this is glorious. So much love to you from all six of my Capricorns!
— Aquarius Sun, Cancer Rising, Aries Moon
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is the best thing EVAH! I am in awe. Bow down to Queen Bon!
— Leo Sun, Scorpio Rising, Sag Moon
This resonates in a *much* deeper way than previous charts and readings I have had.
—Cancer Sun, Aquarius Rising, Virgo Moon
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I am definitely feeling the hunger for freedom and adventure lately. Yes! My 5 year!
— Leo Sun, Leo Rising, Libra Moon
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I can't wait to apply this to my creative, personal, and professional life!
— Leo Sun, Taurus Rising, Cancer Moon
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I now have a working knowledge on how to understand so many elements in my life!
— Aquarius Sun, Leo Rising, Taurus Moon
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I'm blown away!! This is gorgeous and explains so much. You've got that magic touch!
— Capricorn Sun, Cap Rising, Sag Moon
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Bon, you're *brilliant* at this stuff. I feel SEEN.
— Aquarius Sun, Cap Rising, Taurus Moon
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Bonnie Gillespie Is The Astrologer's Daughter

When I came home from elementary school, crying about bullies, I was never met with the usual, "Oh, honey, they're just jealous." Nope, as the astrologer's daughter, I got, "Oh, honey, you know your Venus is afflicted in Leo."

Somehow, this was a very comforting framework from which to learn how to navigate the world. But it was also pretty taboo in some circles, so I did the safe thing and kept my woo-woo properly tucked away 'til I felt I could trust someone with the truth of my upbringing.

Over the years, my use of tools like numerology, the astrological elements and modes, and of course the good ol' zodiac has worked its way into my Self-Management for Actors coaching more and more. And recently, I not only stopped fighting it but decided to lean into it.

Um... and this is really potent stuff, y'all.

I'm so very excited to work with you on getting clarity about how to live your most aligned life using the power of the woo! Oh, by the way... Charlsie is loving every minute of this. :)

About Bonnie (she/her)

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. As a weekly columnist, she began demystifying the casting process for actors in 1999. Her most popular book is Self-Management for Actors, the curriculum upon which her teaching is based. As a producer and Emmy-honored casting director, Bonnie specializes in indie darlings. Whether casting, coaching, or exploring the woo as The Astrologer's Daughter, she is passionate about leaving this world better than she found it.


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