You know there's a version of you who has it all together. This version of you — the one you sometimes get glimpses of, the one who flirts with all the success and creativity and FUN this business of ours holds — has a sense of confidence about who you are as an artist, a sense of ease about "effort" when it comes to things like meeting with agents and casting directors, a sense of calm about things that used to feel incredibly frantic and out of control.

We'd say this version of you is a brief 100 days away, but we know better. This version of you exists RIGHT NOW and not just for quick bursts of time here and there. This version of you just needs more attention than you've been getting.

And that's, at its core, what our work together is all about.

There's no exaggeration here: Get in Gear for the Next Tier will change your life... if you're ready.

Throughout these 100 days and beyond, we've GOT you. And — most importantly — you've got this!

You KNOW there's a better you on the other side of some blocks that do NOT have to stick around and have such power over you! Never been able to create or maintain a show bible? We've got you. Never quite been able to understand why your type and brand don't feel like the most castable version of the storyteller you were born to be? We've got you. Never enjoyed that whole schmoozing thing— online or in real life? We've got you.

It's time for you to step into the unfair advantage in this creative life that is simply BEING ON YOUR OWN DAMN SIDE for a change.

Sounds simple... and we have hundreds of graduates experiencing life like they've never before dreamed could be possible to back this up: Showing up for yourself WILL change everything.

So, commit to joining us for these 100 days!

No more excuses! It's time to claim the career you crave!

We are currently closed to new enrollment while we make some exciting UPGRADES to our flagship membership program. Please let us know if you'd like to be notified when we're gearing up for 2020 registration!


What if I fall behind?

Let’s just go ahead and assume you will. Because, y’know... life. It’s OKAY. This program was designed to be a part of your real life and that means REAL LIFE HAPPENS and we still get to figure out how to live our dreams every damn day! Download our welcome kit to map out how we'll be supporting you! Being able to build the muscle to STILL show up for yourself, create boundaries that protect your dreams and goals, and do the work that is at the foundation of providing you full access to the life of your dreams is what these 100 days are all about. We’ve got you!

Do you offer a payment plan?
You betcha! We're so excited to be able to help you spread out the lifetime membership a bit! (Note: This *does* increase your lifetime membership due to admin fees, but if having the extra time is worth that add-on to you, you're all set!) And if lifetime membership isn't your preference at all, you may choose our pay-as-you-go membership so you're going month-to-month with us after your initial enrollment. Woo HOO!

Why are y'all so awesome?
Hey, Bon just wants to leave Hollywood better than she found it. That means helping blocked artists get out of their own freakin' way, helping just-on-the-brink-of-greatness folks make that big leap, and creating things that bring more joy to the journey for EVERYONE (including herself). The whole team is here for you throughout your membership. YOU are so awesome and that's why you've found us. Now... let's DO this!

The strength you'll build for success in these 100 days will astound you. The momentum for your brilliant career will delight you. And the JOY you will find as we huddle about all things ninja will keep you blissed out about a business that previously confounded, overwhelmed, and frustrated you! Those days are OVER!

Come on inside the dojo and let our unprecedented support and guidance forever change how you manage your creative career! This will become your new favorite gym... and the workout is always one you're so glad you did!

We cannot WAIT to jam with you as you head to the next tier!

We'll see you in the dojo!

...until registration opens for our first class of 2020!
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About Bonnie Gillespie

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. As a weekly columnist, she began demystifying the casting process for actors in 1999. Her most popular book is Self-Management for Actors, the curriculum upon which her teaching is based. As producer and casting director, Bonnie specializes in indie darlings. Whether casting or coaching, she is passionate about leaving the entertainment industry better than she found it.


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