Hello beautiful people of Expansive Capacity! Happy Woo-Woo Wednesday from The Astrologer’s Daughter, boundless ones!

This month, we’re gonna head back over to Jupiter… the planet of fortune, luck, abundance, and gifts. Since it’s all about Your Relationship with Receiving this month, Jupiter is a great focus! We’ve previously looked at where this planet of prosperity is based in your natal chart, so this time we’re gonna check where Jupiter is TRANSITING in our lives.

As always, if you don’t already have it handy, go render your chart at a site like Astro (choose “natal chart, ascendant” under free horoscopes) and in that cool wheel o’ YOU, look for a symbol that looks something like a very cursive number 4. Like this!

jupiter by margit glassel

As usual, I offer up my chart as an example. Take a look at the glyphs along the outside of the chartwheel (these are the 12 signs of the zodiac, which you can navigate using the guide I have for you at my “What Your Birthday Says About You” free training series).

bonnie gillespie astrological chart
Click to enbiggen.

Using this as a guide, you can see my “cursive 4” (Jupiter) showing up just under the Moon symbol, in the “pie piece” (house) with the number 1 at the center of the chartwheel, and moving to the outer edge of the chartwheel you notice the glyph for Libra. That means, when I was born, Jupiter was in my first house, in the sign of Libra.

Next, we move over to Planet Watcher (this is like the weather report, but for astrology) and take a look at where Jupiter is hanging out… today.

(Did you go look?)

Right now, Jupiter is in Aquarius. But if you progress Planet Watcher to May 13, 2021 (using the calendar in the upper right corner or the arrows above the chartwheel), you’ll notice Jupiter is moving into Pisces on that day.

Where will this be happening in your chart?

Not sure?

Here’s how we find out: back to my chart. We find where Aquarius is in my chart. Specifically, where is 24º Aquarius? (That’s where Jupiter currently is.) I look for the glyph that represents Aquarius (again my free training series — What Your Birthday Says About You — spells this part out for you) and find 24º which is how I can tell that Jupiter is currently in my 5th house. You can see the end of Aquarius in my 5th house, then Pisces becomes the major player in my 5th house, using the Placidus house system. (NOTE: You can also do this with Whole Sign houses of course, and that would cause Jupiter’s sign change on May 13th to also shift focus from the 5th house into the 6th house, for me.)

Whichever house system you choose, you can use Planet Watcher to determine exactly where any planet is and then look at where that spot is in your own natal chart.

Here’s what it all means:

When Jupiter transits your 1st house: You’ll feel a focus on SELF like never before. Jupiter will be lighting up what’s authentic to your fully expressed self, so anyone else’s layers of what you’re supposed to be in life will begin to fall away as you step more into your aligned enoughness.

When Jupiter transits your 2nd house: Your values will take center stage. You could see quite an uptick in your physical accumulation of wealth IF your values are well-aligned, since Jupiter will be energizing not just your valued treasures but your core values. When they’re in step with one another, this is a fabulous time!

When Jupiter transits your 3rd house: You’ll feel more social, more gregarious, even more extroverted than usual. If you’re collaborating with close friends or even your siblings to do some solid communicating, Jupiter will light up a lot of manifestation mojo now.

When Jupiter transits your 4th house: Your focus will be on your heritage, your ancestry, your stability of house and home. Jupiter can bring an abundant new home or a focus on expansion of your family and the space you collectively occupy.

When Jupiter transits your 5th house: It’s party time! The planet that loves to spread glitter all around *really* loves getting you to play more, celebrate more, get frisky more, produce more joy for the world to enjoy. Frolic!

When Jupiter transits your 6th house: Your daily life is going to get an upgrade. This is everything from how you stay healthy to how you go about the day-to-day execution of running your life. Small stuff… big upgrades. Self-care loves this transit!

When Jupiter transits your 7th house: Your relationships take center stage now. 1:1 relationships. So, your romantic partner, your business partner, if you’re an actor this is your agent or manager… partnership time! This can be an incredibly prosperous time if this team you’ve built is solid.

When Jupiter transits your 8th house: It’s time to get your investments in good shape (leverage your money), focus on entrepreneurship (LAUNCH THAT THING!!), deal with any of your money blocks (it’s now or never), and use the expansive nature of Jupiter to clear out any dead energy that’s been stalling you in this area.

When Jupiter transits your 9th house: You’re going to reach great heights when it comes to your mind, higher learning, extensive travel (and that’s travel of the mind when you stay close to home of course), and if you’ve got a book to publish… this is when to do it!

When Jupiter transits your 10th house: You’re taking the stage and strutting your stuff, career-wise. Whatever it is that’s your LIFE’S WORK, it’s gonna be very clear now and you could bring in a lot of money if you’re lined up to light up how your gifts serve the world.

When Jupiter transits your 11th house: The collective takes focus. Your community at large, yes, but also the world. How you feel we — as a society — can thrive will be where your energy really expands. More technology. More speaking out. More letting your freak flag fly if that’s what serves your vision of our best selves, together.

When Jupiter transits your 12th house: A quiet place for Jupiter to be, the energy here is about spirituality, mysticism, a life beyond this one we’re living in physical form. Your prosperity will show up in small, simple — yet deeply impactful — ways at this time.


What’s ahead for you in this month in which we’re focusing on Your Relationship with Receiving?

Of course, we’ll continue to jam about this in the comments at the dojo. If you haven’t already done so, head over there to register for our Zoom mastermind! And of course, if you’re intrigued to the point that you’re more than woo-curious now, I’ve got so much Astrology for Creatives in The Astrologer’s Daughter offerings. Check ’em out!

I’ll see you on the inside. 😉

All my love,

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