Hello Libra season! 🙂 This is a 4 year (hard work) and it’s a 5 month (play) and guess what Libra loves? Balance. So, this teeter-totter of values is right on time.

If you’re dealing with things in your own chart that don’t blend so well with all the charming, indecisive Air of Libra, some of this month’s flavor will grate on you. Of course, we can always lean into the days that are most favored to help us maximize our starting point, and that’s what these two laps of the calendar are all about!

All right… big astro has some biggies for us, as we can come to expect from “big astro,” right? (As always, we go deep on this in Aligned Advantage — and you get a free You in the Stars profile report when you enroll.) I’ll recommend you give lots of space to just about everything this month. Count to 10. Stay off the internet. Take a nap. Seriously. All of that.

We kick off with a full moon in Aries on the 1st. Release attachments to things started in March as well as any grudges or impulsive behavior you’d like to see diminish. When Venus moves into Virgo on the 2nd, watch love get more practical (acts of service FTW) and look for healing arts to bring you more money. When Pluto goes direct on the 4th, finally that planet of transformation can resume bringing about massive change rather than focusing us inward quite so much.

On the 9th, when Mars (retrograde) squares Pluto, watch out for power struggles, issues of boundaries, and ego amp-ups. Ugh, like we need that right now! On the 12th, we’ve got Jupiter sextiling Neptune, bringing about some seriously expansive thinking (and feeling) in ways that bring magic to the greater good (thank God).

The big thing most will be talking about this month is Mercury going retrograde on the 13th (which honestly isn’t at all that big a thing, by comparison; it’s just the thing we’re most familiar with compared to everything else that’s going on this month). Not only will Mercury retro bring us the usual tech snags, crossed wires of communication, and misunderstandings about details but also loads of suspicion and even paranoia as we get confused trying to get to the bottom of things. (Is it too soon to say “Ugh!” again, here?)

We have our new moon in Libra on the 16th and this is a fabulous day for planting seeds, setting intentions, creating vision boards, etc., around partnerships (romantic or business). Specifically, think about how you’d like this area of your life to improve over the next six months. That’s the power of this new moon in Libra!

On the 18th, Mars (still retrograde) squares Jupiter and that makes for some big-ass power struggles, boundaries being tested, and more ego crap. Didn’t we *just* do a version of this dance with Pluto on the 9th? Yup. The 2020 traveling partners (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) are really getting on everyone’s nerves and the planet of war (that’s Mars) being in Aries (extra fiery) squaring everything is just a twist of the Capricorn knife at this point.

What did I say up top? Naps. Chilltime. Counting to ten. GETTING OFFLINE. Seriously. This month is gonna require it.

We shift from lovely Libra season to intense Scorpio season on the 22nd. Intensity! 😒 What a great idea! 👀 Venus moves into Libra on the 27th, making our romance, values, and how we see beauty turn a bit more detached, quite charming, even idealistic. On that same day, Mercury (still retrograde) moves back into Libra and that means it’ll ease up on suspicion and be a bit more compassionate, focused on diplomacy… but also hella indecisive. Ugh.

We end the month with its second full moon… on Halloween. Of course. It’s a Taurus full moon, so that means letting go of indulgences, stubborn rules we keep for ourselves, and ways in which we refuse to open our minds to seeing other ways life can be.

Now let’s hit our moons and numerology for best GSD (get shit done) days. (Remember, you can get your Aligned Hustle Calendar and MP3s to guide you through all of this over here.)

Saturday the 3rd is great for collaboration and big-picture money planning. Do some decluttering on the 4th. Get going on some writing or speaking on the 5th and wrap up with some editing of that work on the 7th. The 9th can be good for self-care (make it fun) and on the 10th and 11th, you’ll want to be seen… perfect for National Coming Out Day!

I love love love the 12th for the Leo moon shifting into Virgo late that night, under an 8 numerologically. This is seriously one of my favorite days (especially combined with the big astro of it, above) and not just because it’s our nonaversary. 😉

You’ll want to GSD on the 14th for sure, somewhat on the 15th, and definitely on the 16th. I like the 17th for research and the 18th for a little whimsy (just watch those snags I mentioned above). And on the 21st, you’ll feel like putting in the work (and it’ll do you a lot of good). Yay!

On the 23rd, you’ll be able to mobilize a group and your charisma for that will be lit up. I would suggest that you start something new with these folks, here, except Mercury’s in retrograde (don’t start no shit; don’t sign no shit) so only if you’ve drawn up the plans for the start-up before the 13th would I advise that.

The last two real GSD days are the 28th (home focused, though) and the 30th (big-picture money planning or just working in the garden, y’all). Declutter on the 31st — shredding and shedding is great not just for the full moon but also that numerological 9 day… and Taurus moon means quality control. If it doesn’t make you feel GREAT, toss it, donate it, let that shit go.

Phew! That’s a lot. Love you beautiful people! 🙂

Stay ninja,

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