Quick Question for Bon

Hey! You’ve found your way here because you have a quick question! Yay!

Thing is, everyone labels their questions as quick and — while they may very well be — the answers come from decades of experience in this beloved industry of ours, as well as assessment of your exact situation, your goals, your current tier, and a whole bunch o’ other NON QUICK factors.

Also… yeah… VOLUME. Many times per day someone flings over a “quick question.” Seriously, I could have a full-time job doing nothing but manning quick questions sent over one at a time via email or DM if that were a job (and OMG, what a horrific, chained-to-the-computer, boring, help-one-person-at-a-time job that would be for a creative like me who THRIVES on connecting with others, lives for the “yes, and…”, and wants to serve as many people as possible with her work)!

So, to help you out, here are the ways to get your “quick question” fielded! Hooray!

Tweet me!

Ah, I love Twitter. Um… I’m still on Twitter (for now). Here’s where to find me. Tweet me your question. Use several tweets if it’s too long for a single tweet. 🙂

Search the archives!

Not kidding: I’ve written EVERYTHING down. I’ve published it on the internet. If you Google the words “Bonnie Gillespie + [INSERT YOUR ISSUE HERE],” chances are you *will* land on a blog post, an archived column, a podcast episode, a YouTube vid, a mini-course, you name it! Because there is very little I have NOT covered over the years. Some folks subscribe to my BonBlasts, keep ’em in a folder in their inbox, and search THEM years later to find my deep-dives on all sorts of helpful topics. Try it! It’s amazingly effective and comments are open on most of the resource posts here at this site, so you can pop in a question to follow up on what I’ve already created for you!

Catch me on a livestream broadcast or out in the world on speaking tour!

You can keep an eye on my schedule for live broadcasts — as well as live speaking engagements around the world, mastermind meetings, day-long intensives, and other fun events — and pop in to pick my brain just like that! We love connecting informally *and* in more structured ways and we’re always game to chat in these environments! (NOTE: If you’re an ongoing member of any of our offerings, be sure to join us for Connect with Bon. Reach out if you missed your access details!)

* * *

Now… if you’ve read through those options and are saying, “Yeah, that’s great, Bon. My question is: A. private, B. time-sensitive, C. really specific, or D. all of the above,” then that’s where we’ll need to look into something more granular than the myriad free ways I’m already available to you.

Real talk: Private coaching is the most expensive way to work with me and you can’t do it ’til you’ve enrolled in Get in Gear for the Next Tier. You can learn more about starting that 100-day journey right here. Of course, private coaching guarantees you specificity, privacy, immediacy, and all the other benefits that come from having exclusive, focused access to my brain, heart, and soul. And doing this 100-day challenge WILL rock your world, making our private coaching session WAY more valuable!

If your reaction to this — y’know, the invitation to start a program that WILL straight-up improve your life in so many ways — combined with one-on-one coaching with me to turbocharge your trajectory — is, “Look, Gillespie. I just had a quick question,” then head back up to all the above-listed ways to get that question in front of me for free! You’ll just have to do it in front of others and on a timeline that might have you waiting a bit.

Woo HOO! Options! Hooray!

So happy to be able to provide these options for you as you navigate your Self-Management for Actors journey through enoughness and beyond!

Stay inspired, gorgeous! We’ve got big work to do!

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