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Self-Management for Actors is an amazing book filled with resources galore. But sometimes you need a check-in for your ninja action. That’s where the SMFA Tune-Up calls come in. Each quarter we host a free SMFA Tune-Up group call in which we cover changes in the industry since Self-Management for Actors came out, talk about trends in our glorious business, and of course answer your questions… LIVE!

Bonnie Gillespie at Hacienda Hot Springs Inn November 2016

We’re excited to share this time with you! The next quarterly SMFA Tune-Up call is Sunday, October 11th at 2:30pm Pacific. Convert 2:30pm Pacific to your own time zone.


Register NOW!

* * * Click this, go to Zoom, and sign up for the FREE SMFA Tune-Up call! * * *

After that, check your email for info from Zoom! You’ll receive confirmation that you’ve registered… and there will be an exclusive link JUST FOR YOU in your inbox (be sure to check spam/promo if you can’t find the email) and that link is what you’ll need to join us live on the call!

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* You do NOT have to have a Zoom account to participate! When you register, Zoom will send you a phone number you can use to connect if you prefer not to use your computer.

* We will be using the audio-only setting at Zoom, so there’s no stress about being camera-ready!

* Please have earbuds or headphones ready to prevent any audio feedback or extra noise, should you be chosen to join the call to ask your question. To get in the queue with your question, simply hit the “raise hand” button at the bottom of the Zoom screen. When you’re chosen for participation, you will have to unmute yourself, so keep an eye on your screen for notification that it’s time to take the mic!

* If you’re not in a place where being unmuted and asking your question live on the call is possible, there’s a handy Q&A text box in the Zoom interface, so you can type up your question there for us to field on the call.

* For all questions, we’d love for you to be prepped to share your name (duh), location, history with us (like, what and when was your first experience with Self-Management for Actors and all things Bonnie Gillespie?), and then ask your question! We highly recommend you have a notebook and pen handy so you can outline your thoughts BEFORE you’re live on the call, searching for your words. 😉 BE CONCISE! We’ll ask if we need more info for context. PROMISE! 😉 It’s important to everyone on the call that we have as much ninjosty flowing as possible, so please be sure to get CLEAR on what you’re asking before participating.

That’s it for how to prep yourself for the call!

IMPORTANT: Please remember that this is a FREE group coaching environment and that means questions that are better suited for private coaching situations will be held for your next one-on-one. Questions about trends, myth-busting, and working through the Self-Management for Actors principles in general are always encouraged! Remember, we’re answering EVERYONE with similar questions as we cover yours.

Save the date for *all* our SMFA Tune-Up calls:

January 11th, April 11th, July 11th, and October 11th at 2:30 Pacific.

Oh yes, SMFA Tune-Ups are *always* recorded. Please feel free to access our ninja library to grab your copy of previous calls.

We’re so freakin’ excited for this time we’ll share!

“See” you on the call, gorgeous!

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