Make 2022 the year in which everything flows just right. Make it easy. Make it aligned. The Astrologer's Daughter will show you how!

In our 90 minutes together we will...

   • determine your dominant ENERGY for 2022 and uncover the secret for navigating numerology DAILY

   • identify the major players in your astrological chart, responsible for your EVERY move

   • map out the 3 most important months in 2022, unique to YOUR chart

   • discuss some of the "big astro" headed our way and what it all means

   • get you feeling GREAT about your year ahead as we dive in on Q&A, LIVE!

Join Bonnie Gillespie, The Astrologer's Daughter, to get inspired, take control of your calendar, and find joy along your abundant journey! FREE!

When? Saturday, December 18th, 11am PST (translate that to your time zone here).

No more hoping that you bump into the right vibe to make things happen in your everyday life. It's time to get your calendar keenly aligned with everything you want to experience... and have a lot of fun along the way!



I laughed. I cry-laughed. I said, "Oh man, wish I had read that part last week." Wow!
— Taurus Sun, Virgo Rising, Libra Moon
I think you now know me better than I know myself... and for that, I apologize.
— Capricorn Sun, Libra Rising, Sag Moon
I'm so uplifted! Thank you for helping me see my own worth more clearly in this life.
— Virgo Sun, Aries Rising, Leo Moon
Bonnie, this is glorious. So much love to you from all six of my Capricorns!
— Aquarius Sun, Cancer Rising, Aries Moon
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is the best thing EVAH! I am in awe. Bow down to Queen Bon!
— Leo Sun, Scorpio Rising, Sag Moon
This resonates in a *much* deeper way than previous charts and readings I have had.
—Cancer Sun, Aquarius Rising, Virgo Moon
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I am definitely feeling the hunger for freedom and adventure lately. Yes! My 5 year!
— Leo Sun, Leo Rising, Libra Moon
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I can't wait to apply this to my creative, personal, and professional life!
— Leo Sun, Taurus Rising, Cancer Moon
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I now have a working knowledge on how to understand so many elements in my life!
— Aquarius Sun, Leo Rising, Taurus Moon
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I'm blown away!! This is gorgeous and explains so much. You've got that magic touch!
— Capricorn Sun, Cap Rising, Sag Moon
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Bon, you're *brilliant* at this stuff. I feel SEEN.
— Aquarius Sun, Cap Rising, Taurus Moon
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About Bonnie (she/her)

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. As a weekly columnist, she began demystifying the casting process for actors in 1999. Her most popular book is Self-Management for Actors, the curriculum upon which her teaching is based. As a producer and Emmy-honored casting director, Bonnie specializes in indie darlings. Whether casting, coaching, or exploring the woo as The Astrologer's Daughter, she is passionate about leaving this world better than she found it.


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