Happy Woo-Woo Wednesday, expectant people!

It’s time to dive in on the woo behind the days of the week.

That’s right! Each day of the week is ruled by a different planet and therefore has different types of activities that are best suited for each of those days. Just like we align our activities with our moons and numerology using the Aligned Hustle Calendar each month, it’s time to start considering which days of the week will help us turbocharge our lives.

Sunday is ruled by the sun and its focus for us is on generosity, health and healing, physical strength, issues of the ego, and initiating activities that surround our goals for success.

Monday is ruled by the moon and we’re most aligned for work surrounding spirituality, emotions, subconscious discoveries, feminine issues, and getting into the receiving mode for money.

Tuesday is ruled by Mars and that’s great for ambitious activities involving focus, assertion, courage, passion, and strength. There’s a masculine energy to the day.

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury so let’s always lean into communication on this day. Expression of thoughts, planning, writing, investing in education all feel great today.

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter so here we are in great shape for growth, luck, joy, truth, prosperity, and the business of power, influence, and politics.

Friday is ruled by Venus and that’s fertile ground for healing, working on relationships and friendships and love, accenting sensuality, harmony, artistry, creativity, beauty, and peace.

Saturday is ruled by Saturn so on this day we’re aligned for transforming negativity, overcoming obstacles, neutralizing harmful energies, and resetting our purpose as we close off the week.

Cool, huh?

In my life, I celebrate what I call “bra-free Mondays” and that’s the day I can go to the day spa, get a massage, we have couples counseling fortnightly, and on alternate weeks I have sober coaching. What great energy for all the goodies Mondays are about! I won’t meet with clients on Mondays (hence the label “bra-free Mondays”) but I’ll work on my business in personal, aligned ways. No team meetings or even much communication. It’s inner focus that helps keep me purposeful in my work and life.

Can you see where you already have a bit of alignment happening in your natural schedule? I’d love for you to share about this in the comments at our monthly topic page. Also head there to register for this month’s Zoom experience, of course!

’til then, keep logging your expectations, keep sharing your a-ha moments in the comments at the dojo ’til this month’s Zoom (and beyond), and be really gentle with yourself. Unweaving expectations can be a little jarring. We want you lavishing unconditional love all over every inch of your lives while you dispassionately label expectations, K?

PS — If you’ve not noticed in the comments yet, I shared this amazing TED Talk by Shane Koyczan and it’s (IMO) a must-watch for this month’s theme of expectations.

I won’t say more. Come connect about it if you’re so moved. It’s… significant.

All my love,

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