The power of our self-talk!

Bonnie Gillespie Periscopes about a bit from “Psychology Today” and giving up negative self-talk for Lent, whether you’re into religion or not!

Stef Dawson on Working with Bonnie Gillespie

Star-on-the-rise Stef Dawson made working with Bonnie Gillespie a priority after they first met in Sydney in 2009. Self-Management for Actors is how Stef “hit the ground running” in the United States. And did she ever! She is indeed CATCHING FIRE!

How to Get an Agent

Bonnie Gillespie walks actors through how to identify your next-tier dream agent targets! Get informed and empowered with the replay of this Facebook Live event.

Bonnie Gillespie — Cricket Feet Casting

Check out Bonnie Gillespie’s highlights as a casting director!

Chris Clowers on Bonnie Gillespie

Dub-stepper Chris Clowers shares his thoughts on working with Bonnie Gillespie.

“I Belong Here” — A Self-Management for Actors Story

Bonnie Gillespie shares a story from the first ever SMFA Escape, in which a busy working actor helped a first-time network co-star booker (and everyone else) stop the IMPOSTOR VOICE once and for all!

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