About Bonnie

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs.

Bonnie built her business by demystifying the casting process and illuminating the business side of pursuing a creative career starting with her first weekly column for actors in 1999. The most popular of her books is Self-Management for Actors, which has been named one of The Top Ten Best Books on Acting Ever Written.

She tours the world teaching curriculum based on this top-selling book at universities, actors’ unions, and private acting studios. She also works as a coach to creatives eager to bring a sense of empowered joy to their storytelling journeys. When not coaching, Bonnie casts indies like the Machinima zombie smash hit BITE ME which made the leap from web to TV with Lionsgate in its second season. Her work on this groundbreaking series led to her membership in the Television Academy. Most recently, Bonnie did a little casting on Twitch‘s first Emmy-winning series, Bernie Su’s Artificial.

Bonnie has been featured on Good Morning America, BBC Breakfast, Sunrise Australia, E! Online, Yahoo! Movies, and in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the LA Times. Her podcast “The Work” is available at Apple Podcasts and Spotify. To hop on Bonnie’s mailing list and grab your tip-filled MP3, sign up here. To work with Bonnie Gillespie on the Self-Management for Actors principles or to start your Enoughness Journey, start here.

~~Enoughness is an inside job… and sometimes you need a guide to find your way there.~~


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