Over at our awesome Chart Harmony Discord, I get asked questions. Recently, one of ’em was about when to schedule a visit to the hair salon. So…

Here’s my mix o’ components to consider for a great haircut:

MOON PHASE — you want the Moon to be waxing (growing in light) if you’re growing your hair, waning (losing light) if you’re trying to keep it shorter for more time between cuts. I would avoid the Balsamic Moon because this is a time when everyone (including your stylist) should be resting and doing less.

MOON SIGN — definitely a Leo Moon is pure magic for a great haircut or new style. 😉 Aries Moon is good too, because Aries rules the head. BUT Aries can be impulsive, so I’d choose Aries Moon only if I already knew before then what kind of cut I wanted to get. Making a decision in the moment could be something that creates regret later.

PLANETARY DAY — Venus day (Friday) is best for looking your best, always. Be sure to wear stuff that highlights your love for Venus so she knows you’re looking for her touch with the new ‘do.

PLANETARY HOUR — Mars loves to cut a bitch, so if you can schedule your haircut to happen during Mars hour, you’re doing some lovely Chart Harmony planetary remediation while getting your ‘do done! Channel that cutting energy into something lovely. Yay!

NUMEROLOGY — ideal numbers for haircut days would be 3, 4, 6, and 8. Consider numerology 1, 5, or 9 if you’re doing something radically different and celebrating that change.

AVOID ALWAYS — eclipses, Mercury retrograde, super-long void moons (unless you’re just getting a trim and don’t care if anyone notices that you got a haircut because it basically looks exactly the same), malefics (Mars or Saturn) or outers (Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto) at a hard angle (opposition, square, or conjunction) to your Rising exactly by degree. You also want not only your natal Venus in good shape by transit, but also today’s Venus not retrograde, combust, or out-of-bounds.

With these general guidelines in mind, head on over to your calendar (or come get my new plan•it planner if you REALLY want to have my touch on your year ahead) and book your salon time!

Much love,

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