February 2024 Chart Harmony Calendar notes from Bon:

This is a bumpy month. There, I said it. (To be fair, the woo weather for all of 2024 is… a lot. So, see this month as a chance to get practiced at strapping in and enjoying the ride.)

In this little month, we get 3 big Pluto conjunctions that go along with a 4th one (or, “the 1st one”) that happened January 20th. These will be February 5th, 13th, and 17th. Pluto is the planet of transformation and these 4 “hits” set the tone for how Pluto will have his way with the Aquarius part of our charts over the next 20 years!

We have a Uranus transit that can rattle our nerves on the 16th, so bring some bubblewrap with you to any encounters that could set you on edge at all. And on the 19th, look for some spiritual advancements, divine downloads, and deep healing thanks to Chiron’s meet-up with the North Node.

When in doubt — and this is always true with Chart Harmony — protect your BLUE and BLACK energy. This will help you stay grounded and emotionally sound. Y’know… calm.

I’ve been in the creative cave building the first-ever custom plan•it planners and I am swooning over how wonderful this is going! Check ’em out if you’d like to have my support dialed into your exact birth settings as you live out the next year (we have seasonal sessions and a private Discord space too). I’m also doing livestreams at my YouTube channel. Hope you’ll stop by! With all 2024 has in store, our community love is essential.

Want your own color-coded look at the month ahead? Subscribe to my Chart Harmony Calendar here! Grab it then come on over to our Chart Harmony Discord server to chat about the woo weather and how it’s gonna feel for you.

See you on the inside,

You don’t have to understand astrology; you just need Chart Harmony! Let Bonnie Gillespie get you started, here.

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