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It’s time to dive in on the woo that provides a timeline for the signs.


Oh yeah, baby! There’s an *age range* associated with each sign of the zodiac, and we’re gonna lay it all out here and now. The zodiac begins with Aries and ends with Pisces, so let’s go in that order to understand the spiritual age, sign by sign.

Aries: 1 – 7 — when everything is new. Ever seen a puppy discovering EVERYTHING for the first time? Welcome to the impulsive, excitable, no-emotion-left-unexpressed childhood glee of the Aries. Lack of experience with a thing doesn’t mean lack of confidence in trying out whatever might work! That’s how we learn, right?

Taurus: 7-14 — when what’s mine is mine. Consider the adolescent who has to learn how to share after finally having declared what’s important to them to hold onto in the first place. This is the Taurus vibe. Earthly pleasures. Acquisition of material goodies. Slow to share.

Gemini: 14 – 21 — when I do what I want when I want. This is when folks really declare their personhood, right? Time to rebel. Time to show up in the world however feels right. Time to doubt yourself but then find yourself. Time to define and use your voice. That’s Gemini, baby.

Cancer: 21 – 28 — when I learn who I really am. Ah, Age 28 Epiphany, you are right on time here. Cancers are all about defining home for themselves, choosing loyalties (perhaps leaving biological family for family of choice), and feeling right at home in their own skin (or shell).

Leo: 28 – 35 — when IDGAF what you think of me. Post-Age 28 Epiphany, it’s all about “take it or leave it” for the Leo vibe. “I yam what I yam.” It’s clear what feels good in how Leos self-express and there’s little apology about it.

Virgo: 35 – 42 — when responsibility trumps impulse. Just like the worker bee who knows it’s time to make mature choices, plan for the future, and provide for the fam, the Virgo is happy to show up daily to do the detail work required to create stability in life.

Libra: 42 – 49 — when partnership rules. There’s an awareness that comes at this stage of life: stronger together than solo. Enoughness enough to know pairing isn’t sacrificing. Libra loves a good +1 and isn’t so much about the fireworks that younger signs seek in relationships.

Scorpio: 49 – 56 — when the midlife crisis hits. Scorpios can feel powerless against the big picture of what life is. They know time is a mirage and want basic, raw pleasure to help soothe the stress that is that whole existential crisis of being.

Sagittarius: 56 – 63 — when the bigger picture is in focus. Y’know those times when it feels so awesome to create value for the greater good? That’s Sag in the cosmic age range. There’s something more beyond all this… and Sag invests in that, knowing it’s way bigger than the here and now.

Capricorn: 63 – 70 — when building and appreciating get equal time. There’s no joy in building all that badass stuff if there’s no stepping back to bask in the beauty of what we’ve created. Happy to put in the work, the Capricorn will role model for the world how what they’ve built is meant to be loved on, too.

Aquarius: 70 – 77 — when chill reaches a new level. Detached yet invested, brilliant yet whimsical, wise yet childlike, the Aquarius knows what sitting on a hill all alone is like and has no problem doing that… in front of an audience or not.

Pisces: 77 – 84 — when the human form is irrelevant. Ask any Pisces where they like to spend time and they’ll tell you it’s in some other universe they created. One of many. They’re visiting futures that don’t exist and pasts that never were. Dreams are realities for our oldest sign… because why choose otherwise?

Here’s a handy one-sheet of one-liners for all of this.

Finally, there’s an elemental overlay to consider with all of this, regarding OUR age and the tone of the course we’re on. In the womb and infancy, we’re in water. From early childhood to the early 20s, we’re in air. From the mid-20s to 60ish, we’re in earth. And from 60 onward, we’re in fire!

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As always, I hope you’ll keep connecting, keep sharing your new relationship with time, and of course keep investing in your relationship with yourself! You’re making so many magical things happen and it’s absolutely delicious to witness!

One day at a time. 😉

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