There is nothing more clarity-inducing than witnessing someone else struggling through their own upper-limit problems in life.
When the sabotage is our own, we rarely see it ’til it’s over, when we’re examining the black box of the wreckage from the thing we’ve always wanted, crashing and burning… but we really, really wanted it… what went wrong? ðŸĪ·ðŸ―‍♀ïļ
Welp, that’s how ULPs work! There’s a sliver of the brain that feels unsafe when we grow. ☠ïļðŸŒą There’s danger in being a better version of us than the one that’s with its pack. (BTW, that’s why our friends start to fall away as we grow. If we don’t upgrade our inner circle, we will never stretch beyond that group… for whom our low enoughness was good enough.)
I am celebrating the hubs because he wrote a film that’s premiering at SDCC (that’s Comic-Con, y’all). More importantly, I’m celebrating that he is getting a website up (it’s — yes, really 🙄) and prepping himself for all the extroverting he’ll have to do down in SanD soon.
He’s going to allow himself to be seen and celebrated. These are things he HATES, BTW. ðŸĪ“
I am so proud of my honey. All that D&D paid off, I guess! ðŸĪŠ
The Deck is premiering Saturday the 20th at 2:20pm — here’s the link to tickets. Thanks for giving my man an “Attaboy.” ðŸ’ŠðŸ―
And celebrating another edge pushed past. 💗

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  1. Laura July 12, 2019 at 6:24 am

    YAY Keith! Rock that ULP. And YES D&D totally pays off! 🙂


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