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This month, we’re checking out the house your sun is in.

Lemme back up. 😉

There are 12 houses. You were born with your sun in one of them. What house our sun is in is how we feel most fully in our enoughness. This is what makes us feel really awesome, when our work in this area is aligned. The house IS about our work-work. This particular detail of our chart has a lot to do with our career path and the stories we were meant to share out in the world.

If you’ve not yet mapped out your chart, create one here at Astro (if that link doesn’t take you directly there, choose to create a natal chart drawing from the extensive Free Horoscopes menu at the main page). You will need to have handy your place and time of birth. If you don’t have some of that info, you may be able to map things out backwards (like, the description may give you such an a-ha moment that you’re able to map out your sun’s house that way).

Like with all things woo-woo, there are several ways to interpret the meaning of each house. As usual, Café Astrology does a good job of breaking things down.

Me? I like to use numerology whenever I can — and it fits pretty dang well for the houses with a wee bit of wiggle room of course.

So, here’s my overview of how your work is its most expansive based on the house your sun is in. Of course, we can chat about all of this on this month’s Zoom. You’ve registered, right? If not, get thee to the dojo and make it happen now so you don’t miss a thing!

Sun in the 1st House: Let’s go masculine energy! Charisma is yours, leadership is natural, and if you don’t have innovation in your Fascinate advantage, I’d be surprised! You don’t mind healthy competition, you channel sheer will to overcome obstacles, and you present to others as someone who has his or her shit together. (Aries feels right at home here; Libra? Not so much.)

Sun in the 2nd House: Sweet feminine energy, have at it! You love feeling safe, you’ve got high values, you’ll always stick to your commitments — including being the ride-or-die in other people’s lives. You can be possessive if you’re not careful, but that pays off in the bank, because you’re really good at possessing your money! (Taurus loves the commitments here; Scorpio is bored.)

Sun in the 3rd House: It’s all about creativity! If you’re not always changing it up, you’re restless and that’s no fun for anyone. You’re smart and curious and love learning new things — especially surrounding psychology and sociology, cultures and systems — and as long as you stay humble about what your brain creates, you’ll do fine. (Gemini’s chatterboxy nature loves this position; Sagittarius doesn’t.)

Sun in the 4th House: The sun loves being here, because it’s where work meets work! If your ego can align its work with a focus on family, home, heritage, history — and if you can avoid getting defensive about your work — you’re all set with a balance that can really pay off. (Ah, Cancer, you happy here; Capricorn, nope!)

Sun in the 5th House: Just like in numerology where it’s always a party when you’re born a 5, there’s a fun streak when your sun is in the 5th house (its MOST comfy house). Attention comes easily (and you crave it), expressing yourself is a blast, and you don’t mind being a risk-taker or a rebel when it comes to your career. (Just like Ladies Love Cool J, Leo Loves Sun in the 5th House; Aquarius feels twitchy here.)

Sun in the 6th House: I find this one particularly interesting because everything here is about finding balance in the art of enoughness. Feeling good when your ego is stroked but not so much that the opinions of others can elate or crush you is the work. Interestingly, heath suffers when you’re feeling under-appreciated, so the self-validation is even more vital than with other houses. Come from a place of service to do the most with this. (Virgo loves being here; Pisces hates it.)

Sun in the 7th House: Your work is in partnerships, harmony, love, soothing feelings of rejection (yours and others’), and wrangling your natural charm. From a numerological perspective, 7 is all about deep, inner work. Spirituality. But when your sun is in the 7th house, you’re most aligned when partnered. (Libra is super happy in this configuration; Aries wants to bolt from it.)

Sun in the 8th House: Power, baby! A career filled with self-improvement is typical, superficialities are not at all interesting to you, and there’s a deep fascination with what makes people tick. A career out of your intensity and mystery (Where my mystique Fascinate people at?!?) will be well-supported here. (Happy sexy Scorpio; Taurus? Not interested.)

Sun in the 9th House: Tolerant but restless, idealistic but curious, you want to share what you know but it’s all about HOW. Because you demand the best from others, things can get dicey unless you’re coming from a place of sharing your own growth, not requiring growth in those around you. (Sagittarius is right at home here; Gemini can’t stand the dichotomy, ironically.)

Sun in the 10th House: Ooh, no one manages the manager, y’all. Ambitious, energetic, and born to be in the public eye (Hai, extroverts!), leadership is your birthright and you do not mind at all. Competitive, authoritative (power Fascinate advantage? You betcha), high-achieving leaders better get okay with that status. (Capricorn is happy in this space; Cancer is not comfortable at all.)

Sun in the 11th House: Humanitarians unite! 11 is the big angel number and oh, look. Double 1 on its side is an equal sign, and while you love your own uniqueness, you feel everyone is equally original and awesome. Inclusivity in your career and storytelling has never been an issue; it’s a part of your life’s work. You can stay friends with colleagues that long ago should’ve been set free, but from a career perspective, you’re super easy to jam with. (Aquarius, I see you here; Leo, you do NOT like all the free lovin’ happening here.)

Sun in the 12th House: The most introspective of our houses, here’s the guy behind the curtain for The Great and Powerful Oz. When serving others, you are your most expressive self, but make sure you take lots of time to refuel, restore, engage in self-care. Introverted? Probably. And when in public, you’re wearing a mask. Stay of service. Don’t be so hard on yourself. (Pisces, this is your home; Virgo, ooh, don’t go there.)

Now you’re really ready for this month’s Zoom, right? So! Much! To talk about! 🙂 Can’t wait! Meanwhile, come chat about all this in the dojo, beautiful!

All my love,

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