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Hello beautiful people!

Let’s do more Astrology for Creatives by taking a tour through the bod using the signs! Sure, sure, everyone has similar parts but there are certain parts RULED by signs of the zodiac, and knowing which parts go with what signs can create great freedom.

For example, my whole childhood, there was great storytelling about my รผber dramatic, crying like I was about to perish, being asked what on Earth the problem was, and gasping between desperate breaths, “I’m starving to death!”

Cancer. Rules the tummy. Happy belly; happy Bonnie. This girl NEVER travels without a bar, a snack, a SOMETHING to make sure she never feels starving. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s just a thing. A thing that’s totally manageable… so it doesn’t have to become a big deal (or even noticeable) to anyone else.

Cool, right?

Okay, so just like the signs have an order in the zodiac, they have an order on the bod and we’re gonna take it Aries to Pisces, like always. This goes — generally — head to toe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Here we go!

Aries: Ruler of the head, face, teeth, tongue, hair, arteries, and blood.

Taurus: Ruler of the sinuses, ears, neck, throat, vocal cords, tonsils, and thyroid.

Gemini: Ruler of the shoulders, lungs, bronchial tubes, arms, hands, and capillaries.

Cancer: Ruler of the breasts, diaphragm, womb, lymphatic system, vagina, stomach, and the right eye.

Leo: Ruler of the heart, circulation, blood pressure, spine, back, and the left eye.

Virgo: Ruler of the digestive system, pancreas, small intestines, eyes, and ears.

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Libra: Ruler of the kidneys, bladder, the sense of touch, insulin, veins, and lower back.

Scorpio: Ruler of the reproductive organs, genitals, prostate, rectum, colon, urethra, pubic bone, and urinary tract.

Sagittarius: Ruler of the liver, sacrum, lumbar vertebra, hips, and thighs.

Capricorn: Ruler of the skin, hair, ligaments, tendons, joints, knees, spleen, and bones (therefore sometimes also teeth).

Aquarius: Ruler of the shins, calves, ankles, forearms, and circulation.

Pisces: Ruler of the pituitary gland (production of endorphins), pineal gland (production of melatonin), and feet.

Wanna make Keith purr? Book him an hour at the Bao Foot Spa. (Pisces heaven.)

How does this physiology sync for you, oh beauteous one? And how can you treat yourself in extra-special sign-aligned ways?

I am fascinated by which body parts *feel* as though they just GO with certain signs and their personality traits. Also, which types of ailments or issues tend to snag folks with a prominence of certain signs in their charts (not just the sun sign, of course).

Let’s jam about this over in the comments at the dojo. Also head there to register for this month’s Expansive Capacity Zoom mastermind, of course!

As always, keep investing in your relationship with yourself! This is absolutely fabulous work you’re doing and I’m so dang proud to bear witness to it all!

All my love,

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