I am irrationally excited about the quantification of enoughness going on over here.

Simply put, this is 20+ years of working with showbiz creatives, 8 years of college, 6 years of Montessori, not quite 3 years of sober Get in Gear for the Next Tier data diving, and a *lifetime* of using the woo-woo goodness as a secret superpower, all becoming overt and consumable by the masses.


This week, we hired our psychometrician (a word I only learned Monday) and the formalizing of the gamification and psychometrics of my life’s work IS ON.


I am over the moon excited, hitting upper-limit problems like a maniac, doing EFT nearly hourly, and feeling so very powerfully EXACTLY RIGHT ON TARGET for the merging of all my life’s specialties.

This! Is! Awesome!


If you’re the type who loves to road-test personality assessments and wants to let me pick your brain about habits and beliefs and such, get ready to be tapped to help us validate some of what we’re building.


Oh, Charlsie would’ve loved this! (Who am I kidding? She’s helping bring all this together from beyond.)


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