Recently, one of my lovely mistressminders was experiencing some unpleasantness around her home. It left her feeling unsafe there. And no one likes feeling unsafe in her own home!

As happens in our exclusive mistressmind sessions, we talked through all the practical tasks for fortifying her feelings of safety, and then we switched into the woo-woo options for calling in more protection.

These are the spells and rituals I shared with her. Enjoy! And feel free to share some of your own faves in the comments area just below. (Source for some of these goodies: Llewellyn’s Spell-a-Day.)

Nature’s Protection Powder by Kate Freuler
Nature offers many protective materials to all plants and animals. A broken eggshell found in a bird’s nest once protected new life. Rough bark guards the soft heartwood in a tree’s center. Shells, seed pods, and nut casings are all forms of protection for plants and animals, shielding them while they develop, grow, and live. They make perfect ingredients for protection spells.

Take a walk in your area and collect some of these items. Combine them all in a mortar and pestle, grinding them into as fine a powder as you can. As you do, focus on their purpose as a protective shield.

Keep this mixture stored in a jar. Sprinkle this protection powder around your home or carry some with you when you need magical protection. You can try burning it on a charcoal disk during protection spells or even use it as a candle dressing.

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Easy Home Protection Spell by James Kambos
olive oil
basil sprigs

Dab the tips of your fingers with the oil. Bless each door and window you touch. Trace a symbol onto each door and window if you have a symbol (a sigil or cross or pentagram or astrological glyph or heart) that resonates with you.

Rinse the basil sprigs in water. Shake a few drops of water off them into each corner of each room in your house. Shake a few drops in front of each window and door too. This seals the space with protection.

You may later cook with the basil or dry it to hang up in your altar.

Building Your Altar

Protection Spell Jar by Kate Freuler
jar with lid
black tourmaline
dried rosemary leaves
a piece of your hair (or hair belonging to someone in your household you wish to protect)

Hold the black tourmaline in your hand as you say, “Black stone to protect the body.” Visualize yourself experiencing physical safety in your home as you place the crystal in the jar.

Add the rosemary to the jar as you say, “Rosemary to protect the mind.” Visualize yourself experiencing the peaceful existence of a mind unaffected by negative influences.

Add the frankincense to the jar as you say, “Frankincense to protect the spirit.” Imagine your spirit surrounded by a shielding layer of armor.

Add the hair to the protection mixture in the jar and put the lid on.

Place the jar anywhere in your home.

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And finally, the main thing I do for protection is dress the door with thieves oil (a combination of the essential oils for cinnamon bark or leaf, eucalyptus, clove bud, lemon or lemongrass, and rosemary usually in some witch hazel or MCT/fractionated coconut oil) and sprinkle black salt* in the corners and along the floor at each door and window.

“Dressing” the door is basically dipping my fingers into the oil and dragging my hands from the center of the door outward to its corners and edges, each “stroke” including a mantra of protection (sometimes as simple as, “We are safe” or as pointed as, “That neighbor no longer uses the staircase closest to our door. She prefers the back stairs now” while we were trying to get Mala trained NOT to bark at people and she loved agitating him and undoing our efforts).

* = Good black salt how-to’s:
Moody Moons
Spells 8
Francisco Huanaco at YouTube

Also — for all types of spells in general — I keep this Llewellyn page bookmarked and regularly check in about the various daily spells so I can stay inspired to tinker and try out new (to me) things.

As with everything Chart Harmony, it’s gonna be intention over precision with this. Take it seriously but have FUN while you’re doing it. Create the energy you want your home to contain and then seal everything ELSE out!

Wanna join my free community for having these discussions regularly? Our Chart Harmony Discord is here. Come on by!

All my witchy love,

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