Between the Full Moon and the Last-Quarter Moon, we have the Disseminating Moon Phase (also called the Waning Gibbous). This phase is one in which we continue to release anything “sticky” from that Full Moon release we just did a few days ago.

Chart Harmony with the Disseminating Moon

There’s an energy of sharing, providing for others, and letting go through service with this particular phase. Consider where you have enough — information, belongings, energy about a certain thing, love for your favorite people — and what of that bounty you could spread around even more. Most of all, notice that you needn’t work to COLLECT more of these things right now.

I have to remind myself that I already have enough information, data, research, etc., and can go ahead and share what I know rather than trying to be sure I know IT ALL. This is the perfect lunar phase for helping me do that. Especially because the “collecting” of things like info often comes from a place of low enoughness.

Spend a little bit of time during the Disseminating Moon Phase to celebrate what you released under the Full Moon. Enjoy that you’re traveling a little lighter now, while there’s still plenty of light on you and your projects… but there is a slowing-down happening. Let that feel natural and GOOD. Because it is.

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BONUS: Were you born under a Disseminating Moon? (You can find out using Astro-Seek’s calculator.) Being born under a Disseminating Moon can give your personality some “teacher energy.” You’re focused on service, eager to share the harvest, and you probably have a pretty chill temperament.

BONUS-BONUS: If you’re in a Disseminating Moon phase by 2ndary progression, it’s time to let go of anything that’s no longer useful and time to share everything that is. Ready? Let’s DO this!

Pop in the comments below what the Disseminating Moon phase means to you. I’d love to get to know you better through la luna. 🌙

So much love flowing your way!

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