Between the Full Moon and the New Moon, we have the Last-Quarter Moon. Things are slowing down during this phase. We’ve seen everything under the Full Moon, releasing what is no longer needed… celebrating with gratitude all that has come to fruition. During this phase, we’re beginning to pull back and appreciate the fruits of our labor.

Chart Harmony with the Last Quarter Moon

Use that burst of energy you may be feeling at this point to do some decluttering and then shift gears into self-care mode. Along with the loss of light reflecting off the Moon at this point, our own needs for going within and getting quiet will begin to show now. Consider this a last blast of creativity WITHOUT any goals or deadlines for that beautiful artistic expression. Be agendaless now. You’ve done so much.

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BONUS: Were you born under a Last-Quarter Moon? (You can find out using Astro-Seek’s calculator.) Being born under a Last-Quarter Moon can give your personality a creative, rebellious, authentic, and decisive vibe. You’re energized by crisis and rarely back down.

BONUS-BONUS: If you’re in a Last-Quarter Moon phase by 2ndary progression, it’s time to get reoriented to receive. Try to give yourself some time off to forgive, reflect, and get honest. The less you do during this time, the more that receiving mode becomes magnetic for the best stuff.

Pop in the comments below what the Last-Quarter Moon phase means to you. I’d love to get to know you better through la luna. 🌙

So much love flowing your way!

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