A member of the ever-inspiring Live Your Chart community asked me to break down what self-care looks like, as we head into these INTENSE eclipses.

My answer was so comprehensive and helpful that I decided to share it beyond our private membership space. Ready? Here we go!

For ALL eclipses, the protocol is REST, HYDRATE, and BUBBLEWRAP. 😉 For these in particular, we have a little extra specifically for the 2nd one. More on that in a sec.

With all eclipses, we look at the houses in which they’re happening, which will be on the same axis. So, for the October 14th solar eclipse, we’re looking for Aries and Libra. Where are they in your chart? What topics do they cover?

Chart Harmony with the Solar Eclipse

Like, for me, Aries is 7H, so that’s Keith. And Libra is the 1H, so that’s me, physically. My personhood. So, I’m looking at both of us and our health and hopefully something really positive like a new chapter in our overall vitality and wellness.

And because that’s what I’m hoping the eclipse will bring forward for us, my self-care for these areas will entail prepping for that new chapter. Ending some habits that don’t serve me… supporting the hubs as he does the same. Going for more walks together with the pup. More connecting.

For the October 28th lunar eclipse, though, we have something weird happening. The nodes are in Aries (North Node) and Libra (South Node) still (and will be in those signs for another year and change, impacting all the eclipses coming up in 2024), but the lunation itself is happening in Scorpio, who shares the axis with Taurus.

Chart Harmony with the Lunar Eclipse

This means we have a full THIRD of our charts being impacted by the October 28th eclipse!


Where do you have not only Aries and Libra (same as the October 14th eclipse) but also Taurus and Scorpio (where the eclipses were happening all of 2022)? It’s like this October 28th eclipse is the one that SEALS OFF all the changes that 2022 created for us in the Taurus/Scorpio parts of our charts.

So… self-care is the usual REST, HYDRATE, BUBBLEWRAP, and then also stuff that preps the houses in which these eclipses will happen, specifically. Let’s do a rundown through the houses, for some self-care specifics.

1H = your physical body (eat well, sleep well, exercise, rest, hydrate)
2H = earned income, values, enoughness (slow your spending)
3H = communication & close relatives (social media detox)
4H = family of origin & home (declutter, rearrange, forgive)
5H = affairs, risks, performance, children (end vices, play more)
6H = daily habits, jobby-job, health & hygiene (slow bad habits)
7H = 1:1 partnerships (clear communication with your person)
8H = shadow work, transformation, other people’s money (build an altar)
9H = travel & higher learning (donate books you no longer need)
10H = career & public image (assess your biz tools, look for gaps)
11H = activism, innovation, your audience & friends (clear communication, give back)
12H = mental health, imprisonment, dreams & secrets (go to therapy)

Obvi, all of these are things that help support these houses even outside eclipse season. What I recommend for this pre-eclipse self-care window is that you look at the houses the eclipses will be happening in, reference this list, and ask, “What feels like love here?”

Then do that.

Since self-care is often considered selfish and it’s judged negatively by those who champion hustle culture, our framing it as the most loving thing we can bring to that particular house allows us to “sneak up on it” a bit, when it comes to the part of the brain that will criticize anything that looks/feels like rest or self-care. (Don’t be mad at the brain for doing that; it’s how we’re evolutionarily wired… to fit in with the pack and its values even more than our own.)

Again, I come back to REST, HYDRATE, and BUBBLEWRAP as the most effective methods of self-care out there. Bubblewrap just means creating SPACE between you and everything you encounter. A “count to 10” energetic field. Something that helps you remember you’re fragile/precious goods and you shouldn’t be slammed around like Samsonite. 😉

(Oops; it’s American Tourister, not Samsonite. Still… you get the reference.)

Need my help with any of this? Pop your comments in below or head over to our Chart Harmony Discord server to jam with the whole community! For ongoing woo support, my Live Your Chart membership is what you’re looking for. We’re doing a deep-dive on COMPATIBILITY right now, so it’s an especially yummy time to join if you’d like to have me do your composite chart to check synastry with a loved one! Woo HOO!

Have a great weekend!

All my lunar love,

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  1. LEIGH ARIANA TRIFARI October 7, 2023 at 5:01 am

    Dear Bonnie, I aboslutey LOVED this post about the upcoming eclipse. I must admit, I let my childhood and teenage interst in atsrology wane for a bit, but I dusted off my chart this morning (yes! i did get my chart done way back in the day!) and my Aries (Venus) is in the 10H and my Libra (moon)is in the 4H. My North node is in Leo in the 3H and my south node is in Aquarius in the 9H. For the record, my Scorpio is in Neptune in 5H and my Tarus is in Ceres in 11H.

    I don’t have enough knowledge to interpret all this data, but my gut is telling there could be some serrious “Ruh-Roh!” coming up, because all my “stuff” seems to be lining up with “The BIg-E”. I have felt that this year has definitely been puting the brakes on whatever lessons I learned in 2022 and pulling ALL the stops out to woop my butt in 2023. Am I doomed??………

    I need to know more about my chart and what I need to do to prepare myself for this Lunar Whammy.
    Can you help?

    1. Bonnie Gillespie October 7, 2023 at 4:40 pm

      Well you know I’m never going to say, “Yep! You’re doomed!” ever. 😉 Ha ha! You know me!!

      I wonder if you’ve done my free training, What Your Birthday Says About You, yet? Maybe do that exploration (the workbook is gonna be a huge help for you) and then let’s see how you’re feeling about where the eclipses are hitting?

  2. Lisa Sanders-Ashcraft October 7, 2023 at 7:37 am

    Hey Bon! I knew these eclipses were coming, but I wasn’t sure how they were going to impact me. Thank you for the heads up so I can make sure I have my self-care protocols in place! I do have one concern. I have Chiron in Aries in my seventh house and I know it’s going to get hit. I’m hoping this is a good thing (final healing of early wounds?). Any thoughts?


    1. Bonnie Gillespie October 7, 2023 at 4:38 pm

      Yeah… a LOT of us have Chiron in Aries (its orbit is really wonky and it spends more time in Aries than any other sign). Definitely anything we have in the houses where the eclipses take place becomes part of the story. BUT because Chiron moves pretty slowly, we’ve already been dealing with an Aries Chiron experience for years at this point (since 2019) and will continue to deal with these themes into 2026.

      So, that means you shouldn’t expect anything new, out-of-the-blue, overwhelmingly shocking, etc., to happen. It’s more that whatever has already been going on when it comes to “the wounded healer” (what Chiron is known for) for us will intensify ESPECIALLY if our natal Chiron is within the same degrees of the October 14th eclipse (21º for the Sun and Moon, 24º for the North and South Nodes).

      BUT if your Chiron is that late in Aries, you’ve not actually begun your Chiron return yet! So… the eclipse could absolutely introduce what your big healing story is going to be. Using myself as an example, my Chiron is at 10º Aries and it got its exact hits of my Chiron return in 2021 and 2022. I definitely knew a few years ahead of those hits that I was DEEP in a healing process that was going to transform who I am. And it did. 😉

  3. Jill Henderlight October 7, 2023 at 10:51 am

    Thanks for breaking it down into baby woo practical bits that I can understand! I am ready for this eclipse season and feel like I have some good tools here from you to help me power through! Thanks so much, Bonnie!

    1. Bonnie Gillespie October 7, 2023 at 4:30 pm

      Fabulous! That’s all I ever hope for: loads of easy-to-access tools available without overwhelming you so you’re able to select one and use it. Yay!


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