I’m gonna paraphrase a bit from a new Abraham-Hicks track I heard recently. It’s really stuck with me.

So, you hear Abe say (a lot) “go general” when we’re in a not-good-feeling place, right?

Envision a river. It’s a wide riverbed. The current is slow. It’s an easy ride, lazy and without much effort to just navigate with the flow.

When the riverbed narrows significantly, suddenly the water is traveling much faster because the same amount of water is still heading through… but now there’s less room for it all, so there’s roughness. Speed. Intensity. And, yes, it can get unpleasant if we weren’t expecting it or ready for it.

When we’re focused too tightly on a subject, the energy may be too aggressive for the ride we’d prefer. So, the goal in “going general” is to widen that riverbed. Slow that flow down just by having more surface area to spread it all out.

That visualization is SO clear to me — and it really underscores why I so enjoy creating incremental tolerance for the faster energetic ride at the next tier. Acclimatize your self. Prepare for how that intensity will feel.

And when you can’t get there just yet and feel at ease about it… go general.

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