If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this little bit of gorgeousness over the weekend.

Last week, I learned the word psychometrician and shortly thereafter, I put it out there in my Insta Stories that I needed to hire one of those… now that I know the word. 😉

Within minutes, a DM arrived. And The Enoughness Project is now lightyears ahead of where it was a week ago. Woof! That was fast.

To tell you that — as each element fell into place, one after the other after the other with almost no space to catch my breath about all of it — I began to feel the good ol’ upper-limit-problems kick in… would be an understatement.

Growth is often like straddling a faultline. The earth is moving beneath us… and there’s a part of the brain that’s terrified the world will crack open and swallow us whole.

One of the most common symptoms of rapid growth is overwhelm. That’s one of the reasons I welcome it. See, when symptoms hit that once would cause me to freeze, stall out, focus on my perfectionism and all the imperfections I can judge from that position, or otherwise derail my goals and dreams, if I roll out the welcome mat for them, they lose their power.

Hear this: What makes overwhelm feel so impossible to conquer is that we’re doing our best to ignore it, shove it down, soldier on in spite of it, all the while judging ourselves for being so weak, so quick to throw in the towel, so imperfect.

What a bunch of BS that is!

If instead we stop for a moment; notice that what we’re feeling is a SYMPTOM of growth; WELCOME it as a sign that we are, in fact, growing beyond our comfort zone right now; and then continue moving forward without regard for optimizing the next best step, we may actually grow in a healthy, lovely way.

We’ll be able to do the scary thing… and not die.

Still not convinced that overwhelm is so easily conquered? Welp, then plan to join me at 12pm PDT Tuesday for a livestream in which we’ll break this down even further. Woo HOO! [SCROLL DOWN — OR CLICK HERE — FOR THE REPLAY.]

New to my world? (Hey, you might be! We’ve seen a little action over on the mailing list lately. THANKS!) If you’re looking for free actor business training from me, here’s a playlist. Not in showbiz… but loving the enoughness goodness? Awesome! We’re building fun things for you RIGHT NOW. (And yes, this involves that crazy whiteboard of data.) Head over to my woo webinars available on-demand here.

So excited for the next chapter… no matter how overwhelming it may look sometimes! What does your overwhelm look like these days? Pop your list in the comments just below and we’ll celebrate your next breakthrough together! 🙂

Let’s DO this!

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