Adam Kern’s Declaration

You may recall that in November, I issued a challenge to readers of The Actors Voice to declare what it is that you can — and will — do, as we close out 2012! This week’s declaration — and update on all that has happened this year — is from column regular, Adam Kern.

An amazing year had, an amazing year to come.

Since moving to LA in January, I’ve had an amazing year. Several short films, a manager who is amazing entered into my career and life, mentors who are becoming series regulars and producing amazing indie films, performing at the LA Phil for 2500 kids, a work-at-home survival job, and working at one of the scariest and most fun haunted houses new to LA (Blackout); not to mention making amazing new friends and re-establishing old friendships grown distant by being across the country — this year has proven to me that you can make a good year out of nothing.

This has shown me that my decision to move to LA from New York was the perfect decision for me, and I’m setting stones now to make 2013 even more successful! 30-Day Bikram Yoga Challenge: Currently on day five and I feel amazing (yet tortured!).

Feature film I’m producing: entering pre-production, getting financing advice from one of my mentors next week, musical I’m producing: starting financing for our New York premiere next summer, and helping my friend organize her one-woman show.

I’m proud of my friends and what they are doing, and they — by association — make me want to try harder, so I thank them and will keep on moving forward! Namaste, y’all!

Adam Kern

As always, I’m your fan, Adam. Thank you for this and I hope your yoga challenge has gone really well for you! I love all the producing going on in your declaration, of course! 🙂 And yes, let’s always celebrate our colleagues who are living their dreams. As collaborators, we can really do amazing things together. Wow. How wonderful! 🙂

All righty, y’all. Any more year-end declarations? Fling ’em my way! Oh, also, get ready for us to do the year-end round-up regarding that awesome list I asked y’all to write (and then put away) a few months ago. Ooh! Fun! 🙂 Stay tuned.

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