Hi Bonnie.

How are you?

I purchased your wonderful book one year ago. I read it and I left it there.

Few days ago, I decided to go back to it and, in no time, I already started to send my resumé and pics out there. I read and re-read the book, I outlined the most important parts, I try to put myself out there trying to “fight” my shyness.

Anyhow… I understand that I could drop off my pic and resumé at the commercial facilities and I am ready to do that. I purchased a list of the casting directors in NYC (where I live). But the booklet says: NO DROP-OFFS. NOW, the question is easy: Where should I find a list of these commercial facilities that have the bins at the front desk?

Or should I go there even though they say: NO DROP-OFFS?

I am very excited about putting myself out there. I am just at the beginning and I am sure I’ll be fine.

Thanks for your help.

Fantastic questions, Francesco! 🙂 Back when I first spoke with Stephon Fuller, whose story you well know from Self-Management for Actors, he told me that the way he learned about which offices had bins for drop-offs was never through what he read in a guide, but always through his first-hand experience in dropping by the office.

Sure, that meant he entered some spaces where actors were most definitely discouraged from doing drop-offs, but he learned it for himself. And, it also meant he was *welcomed* into some spaces that were listed as “NO DROP-OFFS” status in those guide books. He learned it for himself. And that’s what I recommend you do, as well.

Of course, there will be folks who — when surveyed for inclusion in a booklet — will check the box next to “NO DROP-OFFS” (and probably next to “NO PHONE CALLS” too). It’s easy to select the item that may make your office less crowded. And truly, how do you know whether what you drop off will ever really be looked at, anyway?

But remember from the book, that’s not the point! The point is the ritual of getting out there and doing the rounds. Getting seen in offices. Being on the radar as a professional in the industry who just happened to be in the neighborhood… “so here’s my latest headshot and resumé while I’m here.” It’s getting familiar with the offices and the people in them. And it’s all because — as Stephon famously said to me — “No one’s casting anything in my living room.”

Getting out there is the value to all of this. That you get to toss your materials in a bin is secondary.

Never muscle your way into a space where they clearly don’t want actors entering uninvited. With all the professionalism in the world, give it a go, and update Your Show Bible with the intel you gather while doing the rounds.

Good luck and have fun!

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