So I haven’t (yet) heard back from John-Christian Bateman on last week’s Your Turn and the question of letting go, but I did get a great email on the topic from a regular reader/emailer and here ’tis!

Hi Bonnie,

When I leave the audition, whether I feel I nailed it or not, I ask myself what I could do better next time… even as far as entering the room. Since every audition is similar, but completely random in its elements, this helps me to get my mind set for the next one.

By the time I reach the car I try to completely forget about the audition and move FORWARD.

Most of the time I do this by asking myself, “What can I do right now to forward my progress with my acting career?” This results in action-oriented behavior which takes me out of the emotional “moment before” and puts me in a position to do something positive for myself. This could include checking in with my agent or directors or casting people I have worked with, updating resum├ęs/photos, reading your and Mark’s columns, self-casting, dropping postcards off at casting places on my way home, working on my reel, checking in on upcoming projects and who is casting them, etc.

Sometimes, after an especially good (or bad) audition, I will get myself a little “treat” to reward myself or feel the joy in everyday life and remember that the audition wasn’t the end-all. It helps that I know that if casting wants to see me again they will call me, so I don’t need to worry and am now free to pursue more work and leisure activities.

You know the expression, “idle hands…”. Keep busy moving forward.

Tansy Alexander

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