Dear Bonnie,

Glasses. I’ve ALWAYS worn glasses. I HAVE to wear them. I have 20/750 vision, which means I need to remember where I put them, or else I can’t find them! I have never been able to act without them, because I would not be able to find the building, let alone the set. I cannot wear contacts; I cannot get laser surgery (believe me, I’ve tried). My headshots have always shown me with my glasses on.

So why am I kvetching to you? Because one film teacher I had (definitely past tense) said I am wasting my time trying to be a film actor, because actors cannot wear glasses on camera!!

What gives? Is this for real? Who else believes this? Am I swimming against the current here?

It’s not like I’m asking to be in a period show like Game of Thrones or anything (unless they would like a very believable blind woman).

What say you?
Elizabeth A. Zimmerman, the Nearsighted

Hello Elizabeth and thanks for writing!

I absolutely love this question and I especially love your attitude. You’re right on. It’s a “WHAT GIVES” for sure! 😉

As with every bit of ninja targeting in the world of Self-Management for Actors, it’s all about finding the roles that are out there that align with exactly who you are, rather than giving up on a dream just because it doesn’t look like it’ll be the easiest bit of work to do to find that fit.

Anytime I hear about actors being told they should change their appearance, change their accent, or give up the dream altogether, I *shudder* because I realize the folks doling out that advice are simply narrow-minded about what success in our industry looks like.

Sure, it may be “easier” to catapult to the highest tiers as an actor if you look a certain way, sound a certain way, live in a certain market, whatever… but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to have a very fulfilling career as an actor without changing a damn thing about yourself! (And let’s be clear, even for those who seem to have everything “right” for success as an actor, it’s never “easy” for anyone.)

Trust your gut, m’dear! All that coach was teaching you was that he or she was not the right fit for your goals. 🙂

Rock on!

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