Ah, Facebook

So, I’ve now been a streamlined user of the Facebook for several weeks. From 4985 friends to 372. Up another 800 fans at the fan page. No regrets. Life is good. I feel free to post status updates knowing I’m posting to people I know. No strangers. And I can post my more “filtered” concepts at the fan page. Good, good.

Wait. What’s this? A new little panel in the area where ads would be (if I didn’t use the handy Adblock Plus extension in Firefox, that is).

Yup. Even though — as a part of my Scorched Earth Facebook campaign — I deleted all wall posts, all status updates, all links, and all vids placed throughout my page since September 2008, Facebook still has ’em.

And thanks to the “memorable stories” feature, I can revisit them EVEN THOUGH I CANNOT GET TO THEM, SINCE THEY HAVE BEEN DELETED — BY ME — FROM MY PAGE. Oh, Facebook, you and your evil data collection we all opted into, like it or not. This is just further reminder to behave exactly as my momma always told me to behave: As if everything you do, write, or say is going to end up on the front page of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Thanks, Zuckerberg, for making my mom’s vision of my future a reality, somehow.

Funny. Funny. Funny.

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