Facebook: Unplugging Update

On November 13, 2010, I was granted the slow-roll-out option to download my entire Facebook profile. If you have this feature and are looking to unplug (or, heck, even if you’re not, and you — like me — are an info junkie and a bit of a packrat for 1’s and 0’s), I recommend you use it. It’s under ACCOUNT SETTINGS and it’s super easy.

Also very helpful is this piece called How To Mass Export All Of Your Facebook Friends’ Private Email Addresses, which didn’t work for me, but may work for you.

Once I had my profile downloaded (what was left of it, that is — I had already killed off probably 75% of it since February 2010, but the all sent and received messages thing is HUGE, as I was going to have a bitch of a time dealing with that task and now I can just delete my ENTIRE inbox, filled with over two years’ of messages I never deleted), I decided to lock down my wall for posts from others. Yup. Wanna show me a kitty vid? Email me. (And for sure, this is a fun one for keeping folks from commenting on my status updates via wall posts. Does that annoy anyone else as much as it does me?) Anyway, this will make things go MUCH faster. Yay!

Down 1650 friends since November 3rd. Keeping way ahead of my “100 friends per day” plan. Only another 3000 or so to go!

I wanted to mention that something I’m really loving about unplugging is the time I’m spending at everyone’s page before I unhook us. Think about it. How often do you visit your friends’ pages, check out their latest contact info, birthday, job info, interests, personal quotes, as well as their current status updates and profile photos? There is something so nice about the little visit (short, though it may be) I’m having with each of the fine folks I’m plucking from my Facebook connections.

Spend a little quality time with your connections. 😀 Online or in real life. Better yet, both. It feels nice. And then so does the cutting of the online string that connects us too easily.

“I ain’t missing you at all.”


(And if I do miss you, we’ll get together. Send an email. Connect for real. Won’t that be nice? Hit me up if you want on the Thirsty Third Thursday list, and of course, if you’re going to take my Self-Management for Actors Seminar, I look forward to being connected at the Facebook.)

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