Loved the column this week. I will fully admit to Googling myself periodically to see if what I want to be in the results is there, but that’s all about what I’m putting out onto the web.

The Twitter lists and Google suggested searches are a rare chance to find out what OTHER people are putting onto the web about me, and it was very encouraging. I’m on lists for actors, of course, but I’m also on lists of “web content creators,” which makes me very happy.

The fact that the top suggested search for me was “derek houck napoleon” didn’t hurt my ego either. 😉 It’s actually quite validating, and it’s a helpful reassurance as I sometimes worry that I am not a “legit” member of the webseries community.

Thanks for reminding me of a few of the ways I can check in with my audience and get the real scoop on how the web sees me.

Derek Houck

Fantastic, Derek! Isn’t it a kick to — without getting all weird or too “in your head” about the results — check in with what’s out there about Brand YOU? I love it! I’m thrilled to know that your check-in provided verification of what those of us who know you KNOW to be true: That you *are* a presence in content creation, in this new generation of how entertainment is created and brought to the masses.

Love your distinction between what we put out there and what labels others organically put upon us. Obviously, they’re intertwined and hopefully we’re doing a good job steering the latter with the former. Here’s to more happy geeking out together! 🙂

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