Help! My target show got cancelled! I’m soooooo bummed! All that work I put into researching the team on the show, all that targeting, all that data entry for my show bible… dead, in one little press release. What do I do now?!?

Ooh, honey. Shed ZERO tears about this. You have built a muscle that will make the next round of shows a zillion times easier to track, and every piece of information you’ve entered into your show bible on these buyers is *still* valid and helpful, going forward.

I know no one believes me on that when they’re new to this, but as someone with a 20+ year old show bible, I can tell you that you will SEE that the grieving process over a cancelled show should be very brief, as your show bible is concerned.

Most of the people who were on that show will get another shot at something even better, next season. The Web of Trust data you tracked is still valid and you will be even more confident next season when you’re able to predict teams that are working together, the second you see a new pilot announced.

What you’ve tracked today will pay off tomorrow, because no one is *retiring* just because their show got cancelled.

This is not short-term, results-oriented, calorie-counting-to-fit-into-a-bikini-this-summer work you’re doing. It’s strength training. It’s vocabulary training (where the foreign words are all the names that enter your show bible). It’s awareness of with whom certain people like to surround themselves. This info will not “expire” just because a show didn’t click at the network.

Be proud of yourself for what you’ve accumulated, then reshuffle the deck and dive back in!

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