NY Version of SMFA?

I’m in the process of moving myself to New York to take my acting to the next level. I’m so excited to have more opportunities and move ever closer to becoming a working actor.

I read K Callan’s book about getting an agent in New York but I don’t think I will pursue getting an agent until I really become more known there. I also read your book Self-Management for Actors (couldn’t put it down until I finished it) but it has an LA basis to it. Could you recommend any books similar to your self-management book for getting started in New York? I’m definitely planning on practicing what you preach in your book because I firmly believe I have my own best interests in mind but I’m wondering if there is a book out there that I have missed that might shed some light on what I can expect from the New York perspective.

Sometimes I feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin as I make this move. I can’t wait to take my passion to the next level. Your book is very encouraging and has really helped me to go about this move in a more levelheaded way. Thank you so much for all of the information, help, and support you give to actors.

I’m so excited for you and your upcoming move to New York! So cool! And I love that you’re doing advance research to be sure you’re as ready-to-run as you can be, when you hit the ground. That’s awesome. Yours is not the first email I’ve received about the LA-slant to my books. Of course, I would never attempt to dissect the process of self-management for actors in New York without having done more time there than I have (which is very little) or seeking out the expertise of others. The latter is exactly what I’ve done, in trying to find some book recommendations for you and any other NY-bound actors looking for some self-management options. Thanks to the brilliant, resourceful, business-savvy, and amazingly talented actors Deborah Cresswell and Frances Uku, I’ve been able to bring you some good recommendations.

Recent LA-transplant Frances worked quite a bit in New York before giving the west coast a go.

The only books worth Self-Management for Actors-style reverence are the following:

The “Actor Prepares” duo might be a little more current, as Craig to this day has quite an enviable career as a working actor, but Glenn’s was my bible when I first decided to give this career a kick back in 2003, and here I am still.

Deborah’s contribution comes from having spent decades working as an actor in New York.

Having only moved to LA a couple of years ago from New York, the first thing I have to say is that when I first read Self-Management for Actors I thought, “WHY didn’t I have this book 30 years ago?” And that was from a New Yorker’s POV. Because the majority of information in Self-Management for Actors is applicable to wherever you live. That said, ’tis true that there is “some stuff missing,” I suppose, regarding NYC (and other regions).

So, there you have it, NY-based readers! That’s a list of six books to start you off in the right direction (seven if you include Self-Management for Actors, of course). Any other suggestions? Send ’em my way! I’m always eager to learn about what’s out there and what’s helping actors along their collective journey.

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