What’s a polite way to ask for feedback after an audition, regardless of whether or not you got the role?

Lauren Billingsley

Ah, great question. The first rule of asking for feedback is: Wait ’til the casting process is over. During the casting process, the schedule is tight and there’s no time to have a conversation with those who didn’t get the role about what they could do better next time. (And if you booked it, you know your feedback. You rocked it. You’re working.)

Second, the best way to ask for feedback is via an agent or manager. This ensures a buffer between you and the harsh realities you may encounter, via feedback. Not only does this allow for greater likelihood that you’ll get feedback (it’s so much easier for casting directors to talk with agents and managers, than with actors, directly), it equips your team with better information about how to send you out, going forward. (Note: Be sure you’re ready for your team to hear your raw, unfiltered feedback. If they hear, consistently, that you suck, that’s not going to help you get to the top of their list during the submission process.)

Truly, the best place to get feedback is in your acting class. That’s what that environment is for, after all! Sure, if you have a good relationship with a casting office and want to ask for feedback, that’s fine. And the best way to do that (outside of via your agent or manager) is to ask an assistant in the office whether the door is open for feedback. Don’t pester the casting director (heck, don’t pester anyone), but if you are having a conversation with an assistant in the waiting area that lends itself to doing so, ask whether a follow-up call or email to get feedback would be okay. They’ll give you the scoop! And they know the tone of the office better than you do, since they’re there every day.

Remember, by the time any feedback is given, another actor has been cast in the role, so this isn’t an opportunity for bargaining. Your goal in asking for feedback always needs to be self-improvement. And if you keep getting invited into the room, you’re doing good work. That’s the best feedback you can get!

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