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This month, we’re gonna hang out with Saturn… the planet of destiny, responsibility, rules, reality, and our biggest challenges in our life’s contract. (These challenges are especially sticky if we’re NOT living out our destiny. See: Saturn return, AKA my “Age 28 Epiphany“.)

We’re gonna look at what house Saturn was in when you were born. (If you’re in Aligned Advantage, you know we’re also looking at what house Saturn is *currently* in, in your chart, and where it’ll be next [and when]. Woo HOO!)

Here’s how to figure out where Saturn was when you were born: Do your chart at a site like Astro (choose natal chart under free horoscopes) and in that cool wheel o’ YOU, look for a symbol that looks something like a lower-case H with a cross on it… or like a weird little 5… or like this!


As usual, I offer up my chart as an example. Take a look at the numbers closest in on the wheel, running counter-clockwise from 1 to 12.

bonnie gillespie astrological chart
Click to enbiggen.

Using this as a guide, you can see my Saturn over there in the 8th house when I was born.

Once you’ve found the house Saturn was in when *you* were born, use this guide to help you discern what this means about your struggles with whether or not you’re living out your life’s purpose.

Born with Saturn in the 1st house? Oh, honey, please stop being so hard on yourself. Your obsession with what is “right” is a lot and it can spin you into guilt over ever having a need of your own. You may have the tendency to put everyone else first, so much so that you actually feel anxiety otherwise.

Born with Saturn in the 2nd house? You’re really not into risks. Like, you are probably conservative in quite a few ways (especially financially). Thing is, your cautious nature is unfounded, so if you can allow yourself to invest (in anything), it will pay off, long-haul.

Born with Saturn in the 3rd house? Where 3rd house is all about collaboration, Saturn here means there’s some strain or awkwardness when it comes to dealing with others (especially your familiars). You’re not aloof but you may be seen as cold or stoic. Just keep listening. It works for you!

Born with Saturn in the 4th house? You may feel limited when it comes to nurturing. And that could mean the nurturing you received growing up *or* the nurturing you’re capable of as an adult. Similar to 3rd house Saturn, you could be seen as cold but you’re just really responsible with others’ tender hearts.

Born with Saturn in the 5th house? The house of play is not a fun host for Saturn. Instead of basking in spontaneity and frolicking with glee, you may find yourself feeling guilty when you relax. You’ll only get playful when it’s for a good cause. At its worst, Saturn here creates neuroses.

Born with Saturn in the 6th house? You love hard work and Saturn is so okay with that, here. You may even be described as a workaholic, because the daily practices the 6th house rules do very well under Saturn’s watch. Very responsible, you could also become fixated on what you or others tend to consume daily!

Born with Saturn in the 7th house? So, this is our relationship house and with Saturn here, you take ’em very seriously, have few of ’em, and may struggle to heal broken relationships because of how much you put into them before they go sideways. Sometimes, you’ll be so serious about relationships, you’ll opt out of ’em altogether!

Born with Saturn in the 8th house? Ooh, honey, you do NOT like change. Since Saturn will make sure you *do* get on the right path, your work is getting okay with growth so your anxiety about anything ever being different can settle down. All stress is self-inflicted. Get over it and grow!

Born with Saturn in the 9th house? This is the house of higher learning, and Saturn here is less interested in mental expansion than other placements. You may be described as closed-minded, so your work is to allow for mind-expansion and growth, even if you’d rather play it safe more often.

Born with Saturn in the 10th house? Your career is your identity and vice-versa but with Saturn here you’re probably a little defensive about your status, maybe apologetic about your passion for your position. You’re in the public eye, like it or not, and Saturn will make sure this all feels very important (which doesn’t help the pressure).

Born with Saturn in the 11th house? That fear of failure you carry around? This is why. 11th house loves friendships, communities, groups… but Saturn wants solitude and finds casual conversation to be tedious and not worth having. You’re serious about your friendships, but you don’t let yourself have many of them.

Born with Saturn in the 12th house? Remember, the 12th house is all about your undoing. Saturn here? Woof. Cue the overwhelm, anxiety, and lack of direction that causes you to escape to other realities, avoid sharing your feelings, and resist any assistance that might come from those around you. Fear of the unknown rules here.

Now, of course, we’re not even *talking* about what SIGN these planets were in, when you were born, which adds another layer on top of all of it. But for now, you’ve got a start and you can join us to go deeper either in the comments at the dojo as we continue to jam about our May topic of Your Relationship with Certainty or in the Aligned Advantage membership, where we’ll go deep on this during our Zoom.

Speaking of Zooms… if you haven’t already done so, head over to the dojo to register for our Expansive Capacity Zoom mastermind! I’m certain you’ll want to be there. 😉 (I crack myself up.)

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