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numerology 7 paint by number

Starting at midnight wherever you live, Monday the 19th is a “7 day,” numerologically.

7 days (or 7 months, or 7 years) can be… tough. They can be lonely. They can be a kind of “dark night of the soul” at times because of how deeply we go within, during the 7 energy. It’s a spiritual time in which we build courage for the next version of ourselves to come.

We may find ourselves being introverted, quiet, disconnected from the world and the people in it, spending time getting clear on what centers us and what we can continue to pull from our core as we take flight (check back tomorrow for more on that shift). The astrological alignment with the 7 is our already-in-the-next-world Pisces. Pure magic… with no sense of space and time.

Ideally, we go within without resistance during the 7 energy. Over time, our practice with the 7 can become a welcome reconnecting with our higher selves.

Chart Harmony with Numerology 7

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