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Planetary Day: Monday = Moon Day

Starting at SUNRISE wherever you live, Monday is the Moon’s day. Time to refill the well.

No shock: The consumerism capitalistic hustle culture we soak in gives Mondays a bad name. When we lean into the Chart Harmony of Monday, we honor the Moon: the only celestial body that has no light of its own. It only reflects back the light of others, as we tend to do if we’ve got big Cancer in our natal charts (Hai! It me!).

Even without any Moon-ruled Cancer in our charts, we *all* need the reset that the Moon knows to give itself, by going dark each month. For sure, on Mondays, when we can rest, restore, refill the well from which we draw to help others feel seen, we are better all week long for having done so.

You especially need to honor the Moon if you avoid emotional connection. If you tend to feel extreme highs and lows. If you choose people pleasing over healthy boundaries. If you’re not properly rested, ever.

Chart Harmony is all about taking incredibly complex ancient astrological and numerological concepts and simplifying them into remedies to help you balance your love, abundance, and vitality with ease.

Here are just a few ways to align with the intuitive gifts of the Moon on Monday (or any day, really… but especially during the Moon’s day).

~ Wear silver or white.
~ Soak in the tub.
~ Avoid the news.
~ Get a massage.
~ Go to therapy.
~ Nap.
~ Read a book.
~ Journal.
~ Eat favorite dishes from mom’s kitchen, comfort foods, creamy stuff.
~ NO PEOPLEING! (If you must people, make them ones who fill you up.)
~ Stay small and silent unless it makes you feel safer to take up space and speak up.

How will you honor the Moon today?

Bonus points: Where is the Moon in your natal chart? That HOUSE will really ask for a reset on the Moon’s day, especially if you’re being purposeful with your rituals.

Not sure which house hosts your natal Moon? Check out my free training — What Your Birthday Says About Youhere! And if you’d like to join our free community for having these discussions on the daily, our Chart Harmony Discord is here. Come say hi!

If you feel aligned to do so, please share how you’ll connect with the Moon today. 🙂

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