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numerology 8 paint by number

Starting at midnight wherever you live, Tuesday the 20th is an “8 day,” numerologically.

8 days (or 8 months, or 8 years) are about POWER. If the 7 energy found us in chrysalis state in which our caterpillar being died off, the 8 vibe is all about cracking through that cocoon and stretching our wings for the very first time. It’s a public experience. It’s an awakening to leadership. It’s stepping up to the edge of all that is and taking flight.

The astrological alignment for 8 is the zodiacal leader, Cardinal queen Capricorn. While the Earth of Capricorn seems an odd pairing for the flight-taking butterfly of the 8, I’ll remind you how very determined the sea-goat is to get itself to the TOP of the mountain. The 8 has that certainty of purpose. That commitment to excellence. And if we’re more introverted by nature, an 8 can feel uncomfortable, as all eyes turn to us.

Activities that go great with 8 include taking control, being brave, leading the charge, being seen, and putting your purpose forward out in the world.

Chart Harmony with Numerology 8

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