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Planetary Day: Tuesday = Mars Day

Starting at SUNRISE wherever you live, Tuesday is Mars’ day. Let’s get fired up!

Perfect day for taking action, making things happen, fighting for what you believe in, sweating it out in a great workout, having passionate sex, competing to win.

Do things that honor Mars to kick up your motivation, to get your metabolism chugging, to help you balance your temper, to channel your ire into creative fire, to help you express emotions in healthier ways (especially if you’ve always been told to “be good”).

Chart Harmony is all about taking incredibly complex ancient astrological and numerological concepts and simplifying them into remedies to help you balance your love, abundance, and vitality with ease.

Here are just a few ways to call in the power of Mars on Tuesday (or any day, really… but especially during Mars’ day).

~ Be assertive.
~ Work out harder than usual.
~ Wear red.
~ Get acupuncture.
~ Do a Fireball shot.
~ Get on the pole!
~ Harness the power of blades and flames.
~ Be decisive!
~ Eat foods that are spicy, garlicky, high in protein.
~ Spar or box or do some other contact sport.
~ Go hatchet-throwing.
~ Participate in a drum circle.
~ Get something pierced or get a tattoo.
~ Donate to a combat veteran’s fund.

How will you honor the god of war today?

Bonus points: Where is Mars in your natal chart? That HOUSE will receive a kick of fire on Mars’ day, especially if you’re being purposeful with your rituals.

Not sure which house hosts your natal Mars? Check out my free training — What Your Birthday Says About Youhere! And if you’d like to join our free community for having these discussions on the daily, our Chart Harmony Discord is here. Come say hi!

Fired up to hear how you’re connecting with Mars today!

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