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Nine Rooms in the News

I blogged about Nine Rooms before (but didn’t say why… heh heh). Now we’re in the news. Woo! Yup. I said we. Yippee! Well done, “roomers“!

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

Woo! I just made my first effort at creating a MySpace Event. Hope I did it right. Anyway, my birfday is Tuesday and there will be a Dan Tana’s outing. Come by. Play. Say howdy….

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On Air

Woo hoo! I’m going to be in the studio with David Lawrence tomorrow night. Go to his show’s website to get all of the info on how you can listen, but basically it’s like this:…

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Catching Up

Actors aren’t the only flakes in Hollywood. Last night, after the rockstar panel discussion I did with Marc Bass and Gary Marsh over at USC, I was approached by a grad student who is writing…

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Press Release Du Jour

“Self-Management for Actors” Course by casting director and author Bonnie Gillespie Bonnie Gillespie’s Self-Management for Actors seminar provides an inside look into the business of acting and helps you identify your primary type, create your…

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Message From Bonnie

Bon’s computer died. If you emailed her since Saturday, please do so again, using her email address that is linked here at the BonBlogs.

SMFA2 Is Here!

Yippee! The second edition of Self-Management for Actors is IN LOS ANGELES! Woo hoo! Gonna do a little social gathering on Thursday evening, if you’re around, in town, and local to Santa Monica. Comment/email for…

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