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How Twitter Wrote My Book

One of the brilliant things I did in 2009 is create a Twitter account for the most popular of my books for actors. That account tweets a line a day from the book. Occasionally, it…

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Lit Lessons

One of the things I do in my spare time (ha ha ha ha, OMG, I crack myself up. “Spare time!” That’s hilarious) is mentor for a wonderful organization called WriteGirl. (In fact, if you’re…

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Community, Creativity, and Cheers

I arrived early. Way early. So early that for the first time I actually found a parking spot on the street when I did my “lap before committing to the parking deck” and then sat…

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A New Experience

I have earned a living as a writer for the better part of a decade. But, as anyone who has followed my career knows, I write nonfiction. I get paid to write nonfiction. No one…

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The Actors Voice, 10/30/06

Okay, so here’s what you need to know about The Actors Voice this week… the server on which The Actors Voice lives is going through a little upgrade right now… and it’s not yet back…

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I recently learned that my column gets 35,000 hits a week. How is that possible? And why aren’t I rich? Or at least a blogebrity?

2006 Book Tour

I think it’s time for another book tour. Remember 2004? Remember the trip we made to NY and ATL/Athens when the first Self-Management for Actors came out? Man, that was fun! In 2004, I spoke…

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