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I just have to say THANK YOU (okay, *scream* THANK YOU) to Deborah Cresswell, Mitchell Fink, Keith Johnson, Kathryn Joosten, Shon Little (and OF COURSE Miss Jodi), Blake Robbins, Faith Salie, and Rachel Scheer for…

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Nine Rooms in the News

I blogged about Nine Rooms before (but didn’t say why… heh heh). Now we’re in the news. Woo! Yup. I said we. Yippee! Well done, “roomers“!

This Week’s Column

Okay, let’s vote. Will this week’s column be “Actors Can’t Read,” “It’s Just a Job,” or “How To Get Off the Blacklist”? Holla! PS–All of these will be column topics, eventually. Which one is Monday’s?

Nine Rooms

Press release from UK Cliff: Nine Rooms: A BlogCom Nine Rooms is a dramatic comedy based around the weblog of five main characters. It’s a weekly blogcom, experienced through the postings of people who share…

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I came very very close to calling it quits on the 14-Day Screenplay Challenge today. Instead, I decided to stick it out, prep for Salvation, Texas callbacks, update the Cricket Feet Casting website a wee…

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Fiction vs. Non

Observation: Writing a screenplay is HARD. Day three of the 14-Day Screenplay… I’m at the top of an empty page nine. I can write non-fiction all day long. I churn out two columns a week,…

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14-Day Screenplay

Fun Joel made it look so cool that I’m going to do it. Yup. I’m in. I’m gonna write a screenplay in 14 days. And I’m gonna hold my feet to the fire through blogging….

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