Every week, since 2004, my column has been posted at Showfax/Actors Access.

Every week, I’ve received emails from readers, asking for email notification when the columns go live.

Every week, I’ve received emails asking that we open up the column posts for comments.

Every week, I receive at least one email from someone who just discovered my columns (Thank you, Google.) and who subsequently spent hours, days, weeks down the rabbit hole, getting all caught up.

Every week, some archived column gets new life via tweets, Facebook posts, or other “social share.” Heck, maybe it’s because I’ve taken the time to answer one of the hundreds of weekly emails, and in that answer, I’ve shared a link to the archived post that best helps the actor’s question get resolved.

So, starting now, every week, the beautiful members of the Bonnie Gillespie mailing list will receive an email reminder that the new week’s edition of The Actors Voice has been posted at Showfax/Actors Access *and* that an old favorite has been opened up here, at the BonBlogs, for comments and debate. Yep! The most popular, most controversial, most essential past columns will finally be ready for full engagement, and the gorgeous ninja angels of Team Cricket Feet will be on hand to answer follow-up questions, talk about how various advice holds up (or what needs updating in a post-merger world), suggest strategies for engineering your next tier-jump, or just hang out and fill your online life with a li’l more support. 😉

We did a word count, and there’s something like 1.4 million words archived in The Actors Voice columns, so please be patient as we load in the goods here at the BonBlogs for open commenting. Meanwhile, jump on in! Comments are open below and we want to hear from you! What makes your heart sing? What gets you excited about this crazy creative pursuit in which we’re all engaged? What baffles you? What challenges thrill you, when you think about the ninja solutions that are out there, waiting for you to master? What has been your favorite role and what role have you always wanted to play? And if you could go back to the YOU of ten years ago and share a bit of advice, what would that be? Heck, if you could leave a note NOW for the YOU of ten years in the future, what would you say?

Jump in, y’all. This space is yours for interactivity, support, encouragement, and getting your questions answered to the best of our ability. We’ll do our best to get all your awesome issues addressed, and can’t wait to learn all about YOU! Thank you for being a fan of The Actors Voice. Please support the many wonderful resources provided by the Breakdown Services family and be sure to check out the newest column posted each Monday at Showfax.

If you found your way to this page without being a part of the mailing list, please just visit BonnieGillespie.com to hop on the list and receive weekly emails to help keep you focused, engaged, and supported in this magical pursuit of ours! 😀 So excited to stay plugged in with y’all! 😀

Ready? Let’s do this!

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  1. Andrea April 4, 2012 at 8:52 am

    This is cool!

  2. Eric Olson April 4, 2012 at 11:49 am

    Rock on. A hub for all things Bon. Love it.

  3. Bonnie Gillespie April 5, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    Thanks, y’all! SO excited to bring the awesome to your inboxes weekly, and have some great convo about the hot topics! 🙂 Thanks for being here!

  4. Almarie June 23, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    Bring on the information! Yay!


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