teaching Saturn about upgraded minimalism, not bologna sandwiches at the door to the creative cave

all-sugar diet started showing
Chart Harmony was born
hot flashes are perfect for burning it to the ground

What does a life that I don’t have to recover from even look like?

Chart Harmony between Venus and Saturn by Xene Clare - Author of Mischief - commissioned art for Bonnie Gillespie

The Sum Of All Years is Bonnie Gillespie’s autobiography in which the word count for each post is limited to the corresponding age for that entry. See them all, here.

Bonnie Gillespie is opinionated. 2021 top 9 bonnie g instagram bonnie gillespie 5 years sober Oct 16 2021 Blackmagic Collective Bonnie Gillespie Bonnie Gillespie - You in the Stars - custom made books Bonnie Gillespie - YITS You in the Stars thumbnails What does a life that I don't have to recover from even look like? Bonnie Gillespie

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